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A New Take on a Classic Samsung Phone

The foldable phone market is growing and Samsung is planning to launch their phones in the near future.


Although Samsung failed to successfully ship its Galaxy Fold phones in April due to concerns over the screen design, it recently announced that it will have the new model revved up and ready to launch in September. In fact, the new design is supposed to represent an improvement over the old.

The foldable phone is meant to capitalize on nostalgia for the old clam-shell flip cell phones that preceded the rise of the iPhone. They flip open and shut like the classic phones, but the interface they reveal when open is essentially that of an extra-large iPhone with its colorful array of tap-able apps.

What went wrong in April

The company experienced severe problems with the screen when it distributed models of its consumer product to reviewers. There were myriad accounts of screen issues, including:

  • breaks
  • screens coming off hinges
  • flickering displays
  • a bulge in one of the screens

The problems sometimes allowed dust and detritus to fall behind the screen, causing serious problems with visibility. The launch cast doubt on the viability of the Galaxy Fold and the concept of foldable phones in general.

The redesign

Samsung believes they have found the root cause of the problem and believe that the model they plan to release is better than ever. The newly redesigned foldable phone will feature:

  • a reinforced screen
  • a more rigid hinge area and internal structure, including internal metal reinforcements
  • protective caps on the hinges
  • a less confusing and more effective protective layer that cannot be peeled off
  • reinforcements against dust that do not interfere with folding

However, the only images the company has released so far are renders, not photos, and they do not focus on the redesigned areas, especially the crucial hinge area. Experts say that the real measure of success for the new product will be when it is available to physically use and inspect, especially the crucial protective layer in the hinge.

The relaunch

The launch date is not yet nailed down. The company has only stated that the re-boot will happen “in the coming weeks.” The phone will retain its original price of nearly $2,000.

The company also hasn’t commented on when preorders will become available. The preorders for the April date have largely been canceled at all major vendors, including Samsung, Best Buy and AT&T. T-Mobile appears to be backing out of its original agreement to sell the Galaxy Fold, and it’s not clear if AT&T will still sell it.

The stakes

It’s not entirely clear whether the problems with the screen had a single identifiable cause or not. In two cases, reviewers removed a protective layer that looks like the standard plastic packaging, but actually isn’t intended to be removed. The redesign makes the protective layer less confusing and puts more warnings on the device, but there were other problems as well.

Both Samsung’s reputation as a technology leader and the future of the foldable phone are at stake. If the technology itself proves not to be viable, a major avenue of innovation will have closed, and the booming smartphone market will inch closer to return-market conditions. Likewise, if the company cannot salvage this launch, it may need to rebrand and restructure to stay competitive.

Growing Foldable Phone Market

Many companies still have their hat in the ring when it comes to a foldable phone. Though most are still prototypes and may not launch until later this year or in 2020, Huawei, Royole, Xiaomi, Sony, and Motorola are companies to watch out for if you are looking to update while maintaining nostalgia. Secure Data Recovery can recover data from any type of device or operating system. No matter how the phone market evolves, we will be able to recover information. Call us at 1-800-388-1266 to learn more!

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