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What to Expect When You Call Secure Data Recovery

Our representatives gather information on your data loss situation to provide you with the best service.


The customer service representatives at Secure Data Recovery take your data loss situation seriously. When you call in with a damaged or failing device, the first thing we do is try to obtain as much information about the device and the situation as possible. Below is an outline of the main questions we will ask you and why we need that information. You can use this as a guide before you call and keep it for any future recovery cases.

What kind of device is it? 

After you explain that you have a device that is in need of recovery, we will ask you to specify a few things about it:

  • The manufacturer of the drive
  • The operating system it uses
  • Serial number on the device 
  • Storage capacity of the device
  • Is there any encryption on the drive?

All of these specifics will help us in determining how much data is on the device as well as give our engineers the specifics of the model so they can decide on the best course of action for recovery.

What Happened to the Device?

Certain data loss situations require a unique set of tools and skills for recovery. We need to find out what the exact situation was so that we can determine the length of time it will take to recover or if a recovery is even possible. Specifics we will ask include:

  • How long ago did this occur?
  • Have there been any recovery attempts on the device thus far?
  • Have you used the device since the failure?

NOTE: If you want to recover files from a phone, but have continued to use the phone for at least 72 hours after file loss, the data has been overwritten and your files will be unrecoverable.

What Kind of Files Are You Looking to Recover?

There are a couple options for file recovery depending on what specific files you want recovered.

  • A  standard recovery: we will go in and recover as many files as we can; whatever our engineers are able to retrieve, you will receive back. 
  • You have specific files in mind that you need recovered such as word documents, photos, Excel sheets, and more.

If you only ask for specific files to be recovered and we are unable to recover them, you will not be charged. This falls under our no data, no recovery fee guarantee.

What Is Your Contact Information?

We will need your name, email, and phone number so that we can give you the diagnostic report for your device, payment information, and updates on the progress of your recovery. We will also need your location so we can direct you to one of our over 150 drop-off locations nationwide.

Would You Like to Drop-off Your Media or Ship It In?

After you tell us where you are located, we will find the closest drop-off partner location to you. If the location is too far away for you to drive, we will send you a prepaid FedEx shipping label to send your media directly to our lab.

What Service Level Works Best for You?

We offer a variety of service options depending on when you need your data recovered and what your budget is. These options include:

  • Standard Service: comes with free diagnostics and is given a complete diagnostic report within 24 to 72 hours. Average turnaround time is 4-9 business days.
  • Expedited Service: A diagnostic report within 24 hours and a turnaround time of 2-4 business days.
  • Emergency Services: A diagnostic report as soon as our lab receives the media and a turnaround time of less than 48 hours.

What Transfer Media Do You Want Your Data Sent Back On?

We can ship your data back to you on one of our SecureDrive/SecureUSB hardware encrypted storage devices. If you prefer to use your own media for transfer, ship it to our lab along with your damaged device and clearly mark which media will be used for transfer.

Secure Data Recovery has a 96% success rate for recovery on all types of devices and operating systems. Call our 24/7 phone line at 1-800-388-1266 to start your case.

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