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Cashless Trends and Cryptocurrency Statistics

Cash has long been out of favor as credit cards have become more accessible and popular. Then the pandemic ushered in the importance of contactless transactions, making cash a thing of the past in many places. Electronic transactions are safe,

Modern HDD Drive Technology and Its Impact on PCB Board Swaps

Modern HDD Drive Technology and Its Impact on PCB Board Swaps

Modern PCB architecture for HDD storage devices has changed. A fried or damaged PCB could in past years be swapped with a replacement from a donor board. New advances in drive technology have made PCB swaps much more complicated and

person picking up broken phone

These Are the States That Break Their Devices the Most

While the personal technology that we have daily access to is incredibly capable and complex, with great power, comes great responsibility — and often, many mishaps. From cracked screens to water damage, many of us have a horror story when

Accidental Water Spill Cripples Samsung Galaxy S6

Our mobile phones have become increasingly indispensable to the management of day-to-day activities. In addition to calendars and contacts, we use them for just about everything else. We shop, pay bills, schedule transportation, even conduct many of our work duties.

SSD Endurance and Why It’s Important

For most consumers, the shelf life of a digital storage device might not be the principal factor that informs their decision to purchase one brand or product over another. Storage size, read and write speeds, and cost likely figure much

You Really Need to Upgrade from Windows 7

If you or your company is still using Windows 7, it’s time to make a change. Your network security will depend on it. Microsoft ended its support back in January 2020. In a post on its support page, Microsoft said

Feds Disrupt NetWalker Ransomware Operation

The Justice Department this week announced the disruption of a major ransomware-as-a-service operation active since 2019 and known as NetWalker. In partnership with Bulgarian authorities, U.S. officials indicted a Canadian national, seized nearly half a million dollars worth of cryptocurrency,

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