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Knowledgebase – Tips and Tricks

Knowledgebase - Tips and Tricks

While you should never attempt to repair digital media or recover your own files, you can often prevent file damage by taking immediate action after a disaster. This part of our blog contains tips to help you avoid data loss.


Bulletproof Backups: Baking Up Your Android Smart Device

With more of our lives lived on and through the personal data devices that we use there is an immediate need to guarantee the data stored there is recoverable. Gone are the days when most people were able to recite the phone numbers of their closest friends. Now everything we do from gathering and keeping contact information to taking and storing pictures happens on a single, small device that is as easily misplaced as it is stolen or destroyed.

Wet Mobile Device

What To Do When your Smart Device Gets Wet

Protecting your smart device from water and other liquids is always one of the first things on an owner’s mind, until the moment that it slips your mind and the expensive smart device falls helplessly into a pool. Having a little foreknowledge can mean the difference between saving the device and shelling out cash for a new one.

Organize Your Startup

Speed up your PC by Trimming your Startup Programs

There are tips and tweaks for hardware and software alike that will boost access speeds, program operation, and memory allocation. What are your options if hardware upgrades are out of the question and you have already followed our tips blogs from the past few months, but your system continues to boot like Vista with 1GB of RAM? It is time to clean up the programs in your Startup.

Encryption Concept

Encryption and You

With the recent news that the US government is gathering random private data from phone systems and internet companies, the need for adequate data security has never been higher. It is clear that no aspect of our digital lives is truly safe or completely private so what options do you have to secure your data besides disconnecting from the net and living off of the grid?

Frustrated business woman biting laptop

What’s Eating Up Your Storage Drive Space?

In today's media heavy computing world, even the largest storage drives can run out of space quickly. Just off the top of my head, there are iTunes media libraries, audiobook files from sites like Audible, photo storage of personal pictures, movie files, television shows, and don't forget about games and they all take up increasingly large chunks of your precious storage space.

System Information

Quickly Locate System Information on Your Computer

There are times when a person really needs to know what specific type or brand of equipment is installed in a system. There are many reasons: a device driver could be old or malfunctioning, there could be a sale for a type of system memory and you need to know if it would work in your computer, or you need to call technical support of help and they want to know more about the system than you cared to remember.

Hard Drive Health

4 Tips for Monitoring Your Hard Drive’s Health

To keep your hard drive in perfect working condition, you need to monitor its health regularly.  This is a fairly easy process, and with the help of a few utilities and a working knowledge of common failure symptoms, you can get the best possible operating life from your disk.  These tips will help you get started.

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