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Knowledgebase – Tips and Tricks

Knowledgebase - Tips and Tricks

While you should never attempt to repair digital media or recover your own files, you can often prevent file damage by taking immediate action after a disaster. This part of our blog contains tips to help you avoid data loss.

Lost Partition Recovery

How to: Recover a lost hard disk partition

A lost or deleted partition can be a scary and frustrating experience for any PC user. Recovering that lost data should not be hassle, so we have put together a quick guide on recovering data from a lost partition. Read on for more information.

Solid State Drive Failure

Is it possible to recover data from a failed SSD?

Since their introduction, solid state drives have been the clear choice for consumers looking for reliability and speed. Much of the optimism surrounding the reliability of SSDs, when compared to the standard mechanical drives, revolves around the lack of moving parts, which removed any fear of wear and tear on the drive. The fewer the moving parts, the better the reliability… right?

SSD Buying Guide 2014

Top Five SSDs for the first half of 2014

With the price of solid-state drives continuing to fall, the time is right to finally make the jump. But, what characteristics should a potential purchaser consider? Better yet, which brand or series should you focus on? The options are wide and varied, so we have put together a quick list of the features and products one should consider when shopping for a new SSD in 2014.

Budget Laptop Guide

What to look for in a budget laptop

Buying a laptop used to be a simple process, with limited availability of options and an understandably high price for the flexibility of on-the-go computing. Now, the market is full of laptop options starting at $200 and there are more brands and products that ever before. In order to combat the glut that is laptop purchasing now, we have compiled a quick overview on buying a reasonably priced laptop.

Sync Your Desktop

Take your Windows Desktop with you

If you use the Windows operating system and live off of your desktop, then this How-to post is perfect for you. Today, we explain how to sync the contents of your desktop across multiple PCs through a cloud-service like SkyDrive. The process is quick and easy and will have your desktop up and running on all of your locations in no time.

More Than Just A Backup

More than just a backup: Take steps to secure your data

In the light of new malware and viruses that can infect attached and networked drives, having a simple backup solution is no longer enough. Protect your data with more than an afterthought. Use a robust backup solution that includes multiple backups, stored in the cloud an off-site locations will offer a higher level of infection protections.

Upgrade your hard drive

Upgrading your hard drive

With the cost of Solid State Drives falling well below the $1 per GB price range, the options for upgrading old hard drives becomes more attractive. Why wait for a new PC to take advantage of all the benefits associated with faster drives? Our guide will show you how to swap out the old drive for a bigger and better one with little to no hassle at all.

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