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Data loss affects thousands of computer users every year, causing millions of dollars in damages. This part of our blog contains recent news regarding data loss, data recovery, digital storage technology and other related subjects.

samsung fold delayed release

Samsung Prototypes Flop in Foldable Phone Market

Consumers will have to wait a little longer for the much anticipated foldable phones. Samsung recently announced they would be postponing their original debut date of April 26 for their Galaxy Fold after reviewers found several issues with the early

at&t 5G speeds

AT&T Makes Headway in the Race for Successful 5G

With 5G networks taking root in 2019, many cell phone companies rushed to be the first to implement it. AT&T has made headway with record speeds for their hotspot 5G, available in targeted areas. How Did They Achieve Revolutionary Speeds?

android battery loss ad fraud

Layers of Hidden Ads Drain Battery Life on Androids

If your Android seems to be losing battery power faster than usual, you may have hidden ads running in the background of other ads within your phone’s apps. Ad analysis firm Protected Media recently found an elaborate scheme that advertising

5G network 2020

5G Networks Are on the Rise: What Consumers Should Know

Inventions we previously thought were inconceivable have become a reality. Apple watches, drones, and smart homes have become a sort of technological norm for consumers. The technology industry is pushing the boundaries again by creating a 5G network to make

Our Predictions for the Top Tech Trends of 2019

Our Predictions for the Top Tech Trends of 2019

Tech of all shapes and sizes impacts our lives on a daily-often hourly-basis. Secure Data Recovery Services has attended some of the world’s top tech conferences and vendor shows this year. These shows often provide a VIP preview of tech

The Question of Digital Ethics and Data Storage and Recovery

The Question of Digital Ethics and Data Storage and Recovery

The advent of the digital revolution ushered i n a world of benefits. It is now possible to communicate in real-time with people from opposite sides of the globe within seconds. Information is more accessible to more people than ever

How to recover data from a disabled iDevice

How to recover data from a disabled iDevice

There are few feelings that compare to the dread and frustration when you are absolutely certain you are entering your password but the device locks because it claims the password is incorrect. In most cases, you can reset the password

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