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father's day gift guide

7 Gifts That Will Wow the Technology-Centric Dad

Father’s Day is less than a week away and not every Dad out there wants a lawn mower and new golf clubs. The world of technology is evolving at lightning speeds and the techie Fathers want to keep up with

drones popularity uses

The Inner Workings of Drones and Their Storage Media

What was originally created for military use evolved into a popular technological trend for consumers of all ages. The drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) without a human pilot on board. It is projected that close to 2 million

at&t 5G speeds

AT&T Makes Headway in the Race for Successful 5G

With 5G networks taking root in 2019, many cell phone companies rushed to be the first to implement it. AT&T has made headway with record speeds for their hotspot 5G, available in targeted areas. How Did They Achieve Revolutionary Speeds?

Hard Disk Internal Platters

The Evolution of Hard Disk Drives and Storage Capacity

The Evolution of Storage Capacity in Hard Disk Drives What began as a 6-foot tall disk storage device with 50 platters has evolved into a Hard Disk Drive with a 2.5 inch platter. Hard Disk Drives (HDD) are hardware devices

Google Drive Auditor is a Chrome add-on to see who can see your Google Drive files.

Find Out Who Has Access to your Google Drive

Google drive is one of many cloud-based tools that allow you to collaboratively upload, create, and share files with others. Unless you authorize a file to be shared, files are kept private by default. Many users, however, bounce between cloud

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