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While you should never attempt to repair digital media or recover your own files, you can often prevent file damage by taking immediate action after a disaster. This part of our blog contains tips to help you avoid data loss.

More PC Tips and Tricks

More PC tips and tricks to maximize your PC productivity

Most PC users think themselves beyond the need to learn new tips and tricks, but there will always be new techniques and styles to discover. The ultimate goal of most tips and/or tricks is simply to increase productivity and pc performance and these are no different. Just be sure to share them with your friends.

Bad Tech Habits

Five of the worst tech habits you should stop

If you are like me, you have a few bad habits that you just can’t shake. That’s okay, we all have them and they wouldn’t be called habits if they were easy to drop and forget. To make it easier on you, we put together a list with five of the easiest to beat bad tech habits below.

Summer Heat Protection

Hot Hot Heat: Protecting your Electronics From the Sun

Now that the summer months are fast approaching, responsible technophiles must begin to take the possibility of heat damage into consideration. Electronics are sensitive to heat and, as such, precautions must be taken to protect your tech investments. Read on to learn more about what may be done to protect your electronics from the summer’s heat.

Traveling and Technology

Best Ways to Protect Electronics While Traveling

Protecting your tech is the number one concern while traveling when you rely on that tech for your livelihood. You aren’t able to just focus on the physical wellbeing of the device, you have to worry about the safety of your data as well. Read on to learn of the steps that you need to take to protect it all while on the road.

Secure your data while on the road.

How to Protect Your Data on the Road

Whether at home or on vacation, you must make sure that your data is safe. Take the proper steps to protect your data while you are away and you can return home knowing that you important files and private data will be safe. Read on to learn more about how to secure you data on the road.

Tips and Tricks: Browsers

Tips and Tricks: Bolster your browser privacy

Staying out of the crosshairs of data gathers on the web is difficult these days. Someone is always trying to gather the data from your browsing history, activities, and preferences. Don’t worry! There are a number of simple extensions that will bolster your browser’s and keep the tracking companies off your trail.

Protect your credit card PIN

Is Your Pin Safe at Stores?

Many consumers have become concerned with the safety of their day-to-day transactions following the rash of retail security breaches this last holiday season. We use debit cards in lieu of cash at retail establishments in greater numbers than ever before. Eventually a store that you frequent will come under attack and understanding how best to secure your PIN will provide a first line of protection to your finances.

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