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AT&T Makes Headway in the Race for Successful 5G

AT&T is the first to achieve download speeds of 1GB per second.


With 5G networks taking root in 2019, many cell phone companies rushed to be the first to implement it. AT&T has made headway with record speeds for their hotspot 5G, available in targeted areas.

How Did They Achieve Revolutionary Speeds?

AT&T announced that they were the first carrier to achieve 5G mobile speeds greater than 1GB per second. This speed far surpasses competitors such as Verizon, who in December 2018 promised initial download speeds of 300 MB per second with a range up to 940 MB per second depending on the user’s location to towers. Sprint Chief Technology Officer, John Saw, was quoted as saying that during the company’s 5G testing period, they reached speeds of up to 430 MB per second.

AT&T was able to deploy the ground-breaking network using a hot spot known as Netgear Nighthawk. This is the first standards-based mobile 5G device in the world that is able to access a live millimeter wave 5G network.

How Does It Compare With Competitors?

AT&T deployed standards-based 5G in December 2018 to parts of 12 cities. In the first half of 2019, they plan to expand to areas of Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose, CA.

Verizon currently offers in-home 5G internet to qualifying homes, but it’s wideband mobile network is still in the works. T-Mobile boasts that their network will be up to ten times faster than LTE, but will not offer a nationwide 5G network until 2020. Sprint plans to launch their network in May in the cities of Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas and Kansas City.

A press release from Sprint stated that the standards-based network would be able to reach “nearly 30 square miles covering Midtown and lower Manhattan, to approximately 230 square miles spanning the greater Dallas Fort Worth area, for a total initial 5G coverage footprint of more than 1,000 square miles across all nine cities.”

Speeds Change, But Devices Stay the Same

Overall, this new network will provide much faster speeds than 4G LTE. While the cell companies battle to be the first to offer the network speed, none can truly offer a widespread coverage for the nation as a whole. AT&T’s higher speeds are an innovative step in the right direction, but consumers are far from enjoying the benefits of a global 5G solution.

Some companies have already introduced 5G capable phones. Without widespread network availability though, the phones won’t truly be necessary until the new network becomes the norm. No matter what network your mobile device uses, there is always a chance for data loss. The faster speeds mean more important data stored in your phone’s memory. The experts at Secure Data Recovery Services have dealt with every type of data loss scenario. To ensure your personal data is safe, call 1-800-388-1266 to learn about our services.

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