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Are You Afraid of Your Computer?

Are you afraid of your computer?

Personal computers, tablets, and smartphones have brought the world a number of modern conveniences that have never been possible before. Even with these advancements in technology, there are still vulnerabilities that can cause significant fear and anxiety when using computers. These fears are valid for those who work with computers as a profession, or individuals using a personal computer at home.

Fears of Technology

As we become more dependent on technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more prevalent in our everyday lives, new phobias have been identified for those who fear aspects of such advancements. For instance, technophobia is a fear or dislike of advanced technology, while cyberphobia occurs when that fear is related only or primarily to computers. This computer phobia has its origins in practicality because if your computer hardware breaks down, you can lose a lot of valuable information. With cloud backup solutions, you no longer have to fear that your most prized information will be lost forever.

Importance of Backup Security

If you are a business owner, the loss of data or hardware can mean a significant hit to your bottom line. The more valuable your data is to your return on investment, the more your concern about losing that data is warranted. What important information do you have on your computer that could be lost? Some of the most common items that you want to protect include:
  • Financial Information
  • Pictures
  • Important Customer Documents
  • Customer Credit Card and Social Security Information
  • You want to take measures to protect yourself because once a breach of security has occurred, it might be too late to recover from it. Becoming aware of fears surrounding our computer and preparing for security attacks is the first step in preventing loss. Planning ahead will not only lower your anxiety, it makes (what might be unreasonable) worry or fear a very practical strategy to protect your assets. If disaster does strike, Secure Data Recovery is here to help you get back on your feet! Contact us at 1-800-388-1266 or use our online help request form for same day diagnostics.
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