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3 Ways to Delete Duplicate Files from Macs

3 Ways To Delete Duplicate Files

Deleting duplicate files from your Mac can not only keep your digital library more organized, but eliminate excess files that fill up the hard drive and slow down your system. We’ve already covered how to delete duplicate files from your PC; here are three ways to delete duplicate files from macs:

How to Remove Duplicate Files on Macs

Computer users who frequently write, design, or code may have an especially large collection of duplicate files. There are ways to manually find and delete duplicate files, but the process is time-consuming and some files may still get missed. Consider using the following third-party online apps and services to automate the process:

1. Duplicate Detective

The Duplicate Detective (only $2.99) is an award-winning app that allows users to conduct a quick scan of their system to find duplicate (and even triplicate) files. Before deleting, users can preview how many files and how many gigabytes of space will be freed with the deletion. 3 Ways To Delete Duplicate Files From Macs Duplicate-Detective Duplicate Detective's interface is straightforward and the scan process is relatively fast. Future updates should include the option to select a path for deletion, which would allow users to cross-check different hard drives for duplicates.

2. Dr. Cleaner Pro

Dr. Cleaner Pro ($14.99) is an all-in-one system optimization tool with rave reviews from users with a wide variety of Mac computers. From a clean interface, users can run several tools to improve the overall speed of their system. 3 Ways To Delete Duplicate Files From Macs Dr. Cleaner Pro Dr. Cleaner Pro is the best option to boost your system's speed while removing duplicate files The Duplicate Finder performs a quick scan, sorts duplicates by file type, and allows users to preview prior to deleting files. This all-in-one tool is a great option for users who want an overall boost to their system’s speed while also removing duplicate files.

3. dupeGuru

We know sometimes FREE is the most important requirement for an app and dupeGuru meets that prerequisite. The app is no longer updated, but there are versions available for Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and Windows. 3 Ways To Delete Duplicate Files From Macs DupeGuru dupeGuru makes up for an unattractive interface with a free, easy to use tool that spots duplicate files fast Although the interface is not as attractive as paid versions, dupeGuru offers a quick match feature that finds both identical and similar filenames to give users more flexibility in weeding out duplicates that might have just slightly different names.

Speed Up Your System by Deleting Duplicate Files

Spending a little time and energy to remove duplicate files can result in a faster and more organized system. While many duplicate removal tools warn their users that duplicate files are deleted forever, we can often retrieve files deleted in error. If you need help recovering files, Secure Data Recovery Services is here to help! Get started by filling out our online help form today.
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