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3 AI Breakthroughs Expected to Improve Life for All

3 AI Breakthroughs Expected to Improve Life for All


Artificial intelligence (AI) was once a fantasy of the future; it’s now a growing reality with promises to change our lives for the better. AI made significant gains a few years ago when scientists began to crack the code for “machine learning”, which mimics the ways the brain fires networks of neurons to learn, remember, repeat, and predict processes. Since that breakthrough, the AI market has evolved at an unbelievable pace. Here are 3 major ways AI is expected to impact your life in the near future:

1) Making life more accessible for all.

Microsoft is investing more than $25 million dollars in grants over the next five years-all aimed to harness the power of AI to help people with disabilities. AI offers benefits that unmatched by other forms of technological or in-person support. It’s cheap, reliable, and quick. Many of the breakthroughs, like speech-to-text, end up helping everyone. Developing technologies for people with disabilities isn’t just a nice thing to do. With more than 1 billion people with disabilities or 15% of the world’s population, this is a major untapped market whose unmet needs, when fulfilled, will benefit all of us.

2) Super powers for all.

The natural abilities of the human body and brain can sometimes feel limiting. Many believe the “final frontier in human evolution would be embedding AI in our body by implanting smart sensors.” These embedded AI devices could heighten senses and integrate the human form with technology. There are, of course, some who believe that AI domination is a significant threat. Elon Musk (Tesla and SpaceX CEO) has stated that, “humans will have to merge with machines to avoid becoming irrelevant.” Ideally, AI could augment weaknesses and provide protection during otherwise difficult or dangerous jobs. The human capacity for imagination, compassion, and spontaneity still seems out of reach by current emerging technology.

3) Better healthcare for all.

The healthcare industry could benefit from major systemic changes and AI promises to make such transformational improvements. AI can harness the power of massive evidenced-based databases combined with clinical decision-making techniques programmed through machine learning to suggest the exact intervention at the right time for the right patient-with precision that surpasses human expertise. Advances in AI have also led to better imaging in the fields of radiology and pathology. AI can also bring healthcare to isolated, rural areas that don’t and won’t have the human capacity to address complex health needs.

AI is still early in its emergence as a major technological breakthrough. As technologies hit the market and real people begin to benefit from these tools, AI is only expected to continue its growth and evolution. Nearly every industry, including storage, is expected to be impacted by AI. Find out the latest developments in your field and leave a comment with what you’re most (or least) anticipating.

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