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10 Benefits of Wi-Fi Hard Drive

Wireless hard drives are becoming more popular among consumers for their accessibility and reliability


External hard drives are ideal for their portability and convenient extra storage for our photos, videos, and documents. But they can still be cumbersome—if we want to access our content, we have to take the darn thing with us. We can't watch that several gigabyte movie unless we carry it with us. Then we have to plug it in and connect it to the computer via a USB cord.

So in many ways, a traditional external hard drive isn't so convenient. Smaller external hard drives may not be as much of a problem; however, it would still be easier if we could access the drive's data easily without the cords.

And that's why the Wi-Fi hard drive was invented. The benefits and convenience of a Wi-Fi hard drive far out-weights any of its wired competition. Below we have compiled 10 benefits of a wireless hard drive:

1) No Wires : There are no cords to get in your way or keep you tied down as you move around with your laptop, tablet, or other device. Enjoy the freedom.

2) Multiple Devices : You can use the Wi-Fi hard drive with any device—tablet, laptop, smart phone. It's a family friendly piece of technology; multiple people (your kids, spouse, and your gold fish) can be using the hard drive at the same time. It's better than a "family plan."

3) Download and Save from Anywhere : You can save or download data from your Wi-Fi hard drive from anywhere in the house—or the world. If you're a busy businessperson, or if you travel a lot with the family, this is an especially convenient feature.

4) Share Files with Others : If you're a Twitter and Facebook fanatic, you'll love the fact that you can "share" your files (such as a photo or a movie) from your hard drive with your friends and family.

5) A Great Backup : Of course, a wireless hard drive is a great backup to all your devices. Because it's so easily accessed, "backing up" isn't such a hassle. In the event of any corruption on the host devices, files could easily be recovered from the wireless drive.

6) Plenty of Storage : Wireless hard drives also have plenty of data capacity for all your needs. So don't worry about how many pictures you have or how much music your wireless hard drive can hold.

7) Stream Movies or Music : You can "stream" data from your hard drive without downloading it. And as mentioned earlier, multiple devices can access the hard drive to stream movies or music at the same time.

8) Easy to Use : This benefit is self-explanatory. It's easy to use. There's no hassle. There's no headache. Anyone can figure this piece of technology out.

9) Take it Anywhere : For wireless hard drives that you can't access from across the country, they are easy to take with you in the car or in the plane.

10) Data Stored In Your Home : You have all your information stored at home - not some cloud network. ("Cloud" is the keyword; you don't know where your information is.)

Cords tie your data down, and even small, wired hard drives are inconvenient to carry and use. So if you are a busy traveler or simply like convenience, a Wi-Fi hard drive is your best storage option for all your devices.

Do your busy friends need a convenient backup hard drive? Please share and let them know about Wi-Fi hard drives.

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