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Windows Phone 8: How To Backup And Restore Data

As storage technology advances, there are fewer excuses for not having a backup plan in place for your smart devices.


As data storage technology advances there are fewer and fewer excuses for not having adequate backup plans in place for PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones. Never before have so many easy to use services and programs been made available to consumers. Setting up and scheduling backups for files and photos should become second nature for all of us. Unfortunately, backing up configuration settings and preferences for many devices is not so easy.

Lucky for us, then, that most of the major smart device manufactures have decided to associate account settings and preferences with individual linked accounts. For example, Apple connects its users with their data using the Apple id, Google uses a master account id to connect all of a user's Google services, and Microsoft uses a Microsoft or Outlook id to connect users services with their Microsoft data on Windows devices.

For the purpose of today's blog we will look at the steps and details surrounding the configuration of Windows Phone 8 and the backup and retrieval process.

Activating Backup On Windows Phone 8

First, you will have to have an active Outlook.com account to be able to configure a Windows Phone 8 (WP8) backup and if you own a WP8 you will most likely already have it configured.

Select the apps list on your WP8 and then choose Settings followed by Backup. This will bring up a section of three backup option: Messaging, App List + Settings, and Photos. To configure the first two of the three backup options, simply tap the option that you would like to configure and then tap the switch to On. Be sure to select Back Up Now if this is your first WP8 backup or if you have important information that needs securing.

There are a few more bits of information to be aware of. First, your WP8 backup will wait until the phone detects a usable Wi-Fi connection before processing a backup, unless there has been a week between backups and then it will use your data connection. Also, keep in mind that photos, music, videos, and other file types will need to depend on a separate backup to SkyDrive or your home computer. Lastly, you are able to delete backups from the Advanced option on the backup activation screen.

Backup Restoration

Restoring a backup can be a frustrating and hassle filled process. In most cases, a restoration from a backup is called for after the loss or catastrophic damaging of the mobile device.

Widows Phone 8 makes restoration easy and simple. Simply log into your account on the replacement or new phone and follow the instructions provided. That's it.

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