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Top 5 Tech Gifts for Valentine’s Day

For the last-minute shopper, here are five tech gifts to get your partner for Valentine's Day.


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may be scrambling to find a gift that breaks the norm of flowers and chocolates. Here are the top five technology-based gifts we found to surprise your loved one:

1. The Shake-N-Wake Silent Alarm Clock

This compact clock is worn as a wrist-watch with a cloth band. The alarm is not a loud beeping, but rather vibrates and shakes to wake you up. This way, you won’t disturb your partner if the two of you are on different sleep schedules. You can simply check the backlit LED display when you feel the vibration and roll out of bed.

2. Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook

The Reusable Smart Notebook offers a way to communicate with your significant other by combining the personal touch of your handwriting and the convenience of technology. While the notebook has 36 pages that feel like paper, they are made of a polyester composite material to allow the ink to bond to the pages. Once you write in the notebook, you can take a photo of the page with your phone and it will automatically send it to whatever service is set up with the Rocketbook app. Google Drive, DropBox, Evernote, iCloud, or email are some of the mediums you can use to send your page. The pages can be cleared with a damp cloth to be reused. For a quick “I love you” note or a “Honey To-Do” list sent to their email, it is ideal for the note-writing couple.

3. Digital Touch Feature on your Apple Watch

The digital touch feature on an Apple Watch allows you to send a personal message to another Apple Watch user. First, open your messages app and create a new message to any of your contacts. When you are drafting a text, there is a digital touch option. There you can tap the screen to send a virtual kiss, hold your fingers down to send your partner your heartbeat, and even draw pictures. While it works with iPhones as well as Apple watches, the watches give the message a personal touch as the recipient can physically feel on their wrist that they received a digital message. You can let your partner know you are thinking of them with a quick beat of your heart.

4. Long-Distance Lamps

For the couple in the long-distance relationship, there are “Long-Distance Lamps.” These in-sync lamps are set up using Wi-Fi so they can be used anywhere, whether it is another city or across the country. When one person turns on the lamp with a touch of their hand, the lamp mate also lights up with a cycle of rainbow colors. You can even assign one color to your partner so they have a unique hue. These lamps allow couples to stay close by letting their loved one know they are thinking of them.

5. The Motiv Ring

For the couple in a committed relationship, go beyond just a diamond ring and give the gift of a smart ring. The Motiv ring can track your fitness progress, sleep patterns, and heart rate. It can then send the data from your workout to your Motiv App on your phone to keep track of your health. The ring also adds an extra layer of security for your online accounts. When wearing the ring you will be required to make a motion with your hand in front of your computer screen, which will be identified as your second authorization. The ring comes in three colors, seven sizes, and is waterproof. With this ring, you can show how much you care about your loved one’s health.

If you have any technology-related gifts you plan to give let us know on Twitter @SecureData.

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