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Our Top 5 Most Incredible Recovery Stories

Our Top 5 Most Incredible Recovery Stories

Secure Data Recovery handles hundreds of unique data loss scenarios on a daily basis, but some cases stand out as particularly challenging. Our data recovery specialists have chosen their most interesting cases and stories, here are the top 5:

#1. DVR that Looked Like Burnt Toast


After a restaurant fire, a digital video recorder (DVR) resembled a burnt piece of toast. Due to the mysterious circumstances of the fire, the insurance company needed to know the cause. Upon the first examination of the device, our engineers found severe read/write head failure and seized motor/bearing failure. Additionally, part of the hard drive had melted components including the read and write heads. Before bringing the DVR to Secure Data Recovery, the insurance agents tried other recovery companies who were unsuccessful or didn’t want to put in the work. The agents turned to Secure Data Recovery after an IT provider’s recommendation and we delivered. Our engineer used his own innovative techniques to clean and emulate the DVR encoder. He successfully extracted the footage for the insurance company and helped the restaurant owners, too.

#2. A Week's Worth of Water


Another interesting case involved an iPhone 6S+ that was submerged underwater for a full week. Once our engineers examined the water-damaged phone, they found it would not power on and required board level data recovery work in order to recover the information. The amount of water damage made it a challenging recovery, but Secure Data Recovery’s trained engineers were able to recover 100% of the data.

#3. Finding the Truth Behind the Line of Fire


A house fire caused damage to a Swann security system hard drive. Due to the circumstances surrounding the case, police first examined the drive and attempted recovery. However, they were unsuccessful in their attempts. The client still had hope for the drive’s recovery and was determined to discover who had burnt their house down. They then sought out Secure Data Recovery, who was able to retrieve the footage in a Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom. The customer responded by saying, “The news is like winning the lottery. Thanks to the team. You are about to change our lives for the better.”

#4. Saving Sopping Wet Memories


Hurricane Harvey left many victims in its wake, including precious family moments captured in photos and videos. One customer came to Secure Data Recovery with sopping wet hard drives that contained their family’s home movies. The drives had been submerged in water for days. The customer brought back the drives to our engineers who successfully recovered the valuable files.

#5. The Proof is in the Poop


Some cases stink more than others for customers and in this instance, a customer was upset by her neighbor’s dog leaving poop on her lawn. She took photos on her Blackberry tablet to use in court, but unfortunately the device failed and the photos were lost. She contacted Secure Data Recovery and after our engineers successfully retrieved the photos, she was smelling roses.

Our expert engineers take on cases that other companies write off as lost causes. Regardless of the reason for recovery or condition of your device, we will give our best effort to retrieve your data. These cases are only a few of our many impressive recovery stories, there’s a reason we have a 96% success rate. If your device is is need of data recovery, call us at 1-800-388-1266 to start your case.

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