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Poll: TikTok Users Frustrated with U.S. Government, Unconcerned About Chinese Spying

Poll: TikTok Users Frustrated with U.S. Government, Unconcerned About Chinese Spying

Following the recent ban of the popular social media platform, TikTok, by Montana governor Greg Gianforte, Secure Data Recovery conducted an overnight poll among 1,000 American TikTok users to gauge their opinions on the situation.

The results of the survey reveal a significant level of frustration among TikTok users towards the U.S. government and a strong opposition to the possibility of a nationwide ban. This frustration is underpinned by several key findings. For instance, a scant 18% of users support the idea of a TikTok ban, and over half (51%) are concerned that the U.S. government will ban the platform. Further, a substantial 25% state they will consider voting against their state governor if TikTok were banned in their state.

Despite Governor Gianforte’s concerns about the influence of the Chinese Communist Party, a majority of TikTok users indicate they are more worried about potential government overreach than the prospect of Chinese spying. This sentiment is evident as 73% of the surveyed TikTok users perceive a potential government ban on TikTok as an act of authoritarianism, drawing comparisons to actions taken by the Chinese government. Furthermore, 55% of users view the heightened fears about Chinese spying as a form of xenophobia while 61% reveal they are not concerned about China having access to their data at all.

The survey also reveals users’ choices under the possible threat of espionage, with 47% willing to risk being spied on by China rather than lose their access to TikTok. In a striking display of skepticism, 59% of users believe that the U.S. government’s interest in banning TikTok is driven more by a desire to control the rapid dissemination of information than any legitimate security concerns.

As a contingency plan in the event of a ban, TikTok users already have alternate social media platforms in mind, including YouTube Shorts (46%), Instagram Reels (4%), Snapchat (8%), and other platforms (2%). While TikTok has a robust and loyal user base, its sudden absence could quickly be filled by competing platforms.

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