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The Best Wireless Drives For Your Mobile Device

Mobile devices are an integral part of most consumers’ lives and storing that data permanently is important


Mobile devices are an integral part of most consumers’ lives. Parents take pictures and videos of recitals with tablets held in the air. Students use smartphones to record the long lectures and notes for the exam at the end of the week. Professionals are starting to use tablets for priority business transactions and day-to-day work.

Each of these instances create large amounts of data on a device that, at best, contains 64GB of flash storage.

Enter the wireless storage drive. This style of storage device provides portability and flexibility in a small and lightweight package. Most wireless storage devices are modeled after laptop 2.5-inch platter and SSD designs, connect through a wired cable and wireless protocols, and come with a battery for use on the go.

Below are the best wireless storage devices for the early part of 2013.

Seagate Wireless Plus

  • Pros: Fast USB 3.0, Offers simultaneous web and wireless connectivity, DLNA streaming support
  • Cons: Lackluster Wi-Fi speed, Streaming connections limited, No included user manual, Simplistic web interface
Capacity 1 Terabyte
Interface WiFi, USB 3
Size 0.4"h x 2.4"w x 5.0"l
Weight 0.56 pounds

Kingston Wi-Drive

  • Pros: Rechargeable battery, Streams with Wi-Fi, Up to three simultaneous wireless connections
  • Cons: Limited capability, No Playlist support
Capacity 32 Gigabytes
Interface WiFi, USB 2
Size 0.4"h x 2.4"w x 4.8"l
Weight 0.25 pounds

Patriot Gauntlet Node

  • Pros: USB 3.0, Battery power, Supports wireless uploads from portable devices, Streams media to portable devices
  • Cons: File-playback limited to operating system specific file formats
Capacity 320 Gigabytes
Interface WiFi, USB 3
Size 1.0"h x 3.4"w x 5.5"l
Weight 1.4 pounds
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