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Setting Up Business Wi-Fi and Hotspots

Setting up Business Wi-Fi and Hotspots

Setting up Wi-Fi has become a standard practice for many businesses today. Often times, it’s more difficult to choose a trusted Internet service provider (ISP) than understanding how to set up Wi-Fi in your home or office. Here are 4 quick tips for setting up a business Wi-Fi and Hotspots:

1. Establish an Internet Connection

First, you need an Internet connection fit for your business. Because your customers or colleagues will be sharing the Internet with others, you want to find the fastest Internet connection available. For example, get one with unlimited download allowance and no data-caps. In most cases, you will not use the Wi-Fi signal that your router supplies by the ISP, so you want to choose an ISP based on speed, cost and service.

2. Find a Trusted Internet Service Provider

You want a company that supports your Wi-Fi hotspots, so you should choose a service that provides you with something that you can afford. You might feel tempted to pick out a cheaper service, but doing your research is essential. Check out ISP reviews to save yourself from trouble later. Many Internet service providers do not mention their contention ratio. To simplify the terms, it means how many properties are sharing the bandwidth. Normally, a contention ratio will be between 20:1 to 50:1, meaning that you will be sharing Internet with 20 to 50 different individuals. For example, if it only says 8MB download speeds, sharing 8MB of Internet with 50 people will lead to slow Internet.

3. Select Your Hotspot Equipment

Keeping the equipment as simple as possible, without regard to technical knowledge, it might be better to set up a business Wi-Fi using what is called the Cloudtrax system. If you want to set up a paid Wi-Fi for business, you will have to purchase a special router. If you have the Open-Mesh router, it will add the details from Cloudtrax into the Wi-Fi network. Having access to Wi-Fi is crucial for businesses because most customers and/or employees in the modern age have grown to expect it. If you know how to set up free Wi-Fi, you will attract more customers, or improve work efficiency within the office. Wi-Fi has especially become popular at restaurants or cafés where customers can hold small business meetings via their laptop over coffee or lunch.

4. Secure the Internet Connection

Once your business or home Wi-Fi hotspot is up and running, it’s vital that you secure the Internet connection via password and/or virus protection. Think about the primary purpose of your hotspot, as well as the risks and benefits of offering it to the public. If you’re using the hotspot it a public space, utilize virus protection to ensure secure data transfer and keep your information protected. If you have more questions on setting up Internet for your home or business, request help from Secure Data Recovery today!
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