Secure Data Successfully Recovers Data after NotPetya Strikes

Secure Data Successfully Recovers Data after NotPetya Strikes

Ransomware continues to be a major cause of data loss for both companies and individual users. The latest outbreak of ransomware further confused recovery efforts because it was disguised as a previously released form of malware called Petya. NotPetya superficially resembles aspects of Petya but it differs in a major way. As we’ve reported previously, NotPetya is designed to wipe your computer’s data. While the malware demands a ransom, even paying the $300 in Bitcoin will not result in the return of your lost data. Secure Data Recovery is the world’s first data recovery company to files and information stored in systems hit by the NotPetya Virus.

Should you pay the ransom?

No. Paying fees demanded by ransomware only amplifies its spread. Cybersecurity expert Ryan Kalember adds, “NotPetya has a better mechanism for spreading itself than WannaCry.” Paying the fee won’t get rid of the virus and it won’t stop the spread of the malware through your and other networks. If you suspect your computer has been hit by NotPetya, power off your machine immediately. Format your drive and restore from a backup.

But…….what if I don’t have a backup?

Previously, even data recovery experts haven’t been able to crack the code needed to restore data wiped by NotPetya. Massive data loss has been one of the ultimate costs of this rapidly spreading malware. While we always advise regular, comprehensive backups, we know they don’t always happen. Secure Data Recovery is the first data recovery company that has successfully recovered several drives wiped by the NotPetya Virus.

Case Studies of Successful Data Recovery Cases hit by the NotPetya virus

On 7/5/2017, Secure Data received an 8 disk RAID array infected with NotPetya two days prior. To our clients’ satisfaction over 15 GB of files were recovered in less than two weeks.

Diagnostics for a 2 disk RAID 1 array were completed on 7/3/2017. NotPetya was located on the drive but data was deemed to be recoverable. A full recovery with 100% of data restored was completed just one week after starting the diagnostic process.

One customer was extremely upset to lose DICOM images as a result of a NotPetya attack. Secure Data Recovery analyzed the case on 7/11/2017 and determined the files were recoverable. In less than a week, the files were restored as per the clients’ requirements.

Thanks to industry-leading data recovery experts, Secure Data Recovery has been able to assist these customers and more to recover their files, photos, and information from computers hit by NotPetya. Proprietary techniques are leveraged to get data restored. If you suspect your system has been hit by NotPetya, contact us right away to be our next successful recovery. We’re available 24/7, 365 and can be reached online or by calling 1-800-388-1266.

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