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Samsung Prototypes Flop in Foldable Phone Market

The Samsung Galaxy Fold prototypes had several issues, resulting in a delayed product release.


Consumers will have to wait a little longer for the much anticipated foldable phones. Samsung recently announced they would be postponing their original debut date of April 26 for their Galaxy Fold after reviewers found several issues with the early models.

Inception of Foldable Phones

The idea of the foldable phone was conceived with the idea that consumers would like the larger tablet-sized screen with the convenience of a portable device. The phone could easily fit in a pocket and have hinges durable enough to withstand thousands of folds and unfolds.

Many manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon by announcing their own plans to create the technology.

  • Royole’s Flexpai was the first phone to come to market and has two-megapixel cameras. Instead of a hinge, the device uses a type of flexible material for the phone to bend into two screens.
  • The Huawei Mate X is an 8 inch tablet unfolded and has two screens that are 6.6 and 6.4 inches respectively when folded. It is expected to be roughly $2,600 and will debut in June.
  • Xiaomi is still in the works but is the first developer to create two folds on both the top and bottom of the phone.
  • Motorola is aiming to bring back their RAZR model flip phone with a full 6.5-inch screen within.

Other manufacturers like LG and ZTE are working on prototypes, but Apple has not mentioned any plans to create a foldable device in the near future. Among these budding technologies, the Samsung Galaxy Fold created a lot of hype before glitches in their prototypes pushed the release date back.

Reviewers Take Issue With the Folding Phone

The Samsung foldable phone has a 4.6-inch display when folded and a 7.3-inch display when unfolded. The cost is $1,980 but after reviewers found several bugs with the new design, the manufacturer may have been over-confident in the quality of the device.

Reviewers from Bloomberg, CNBC, and The Verge all reported issues with the display. The primary problem was that reviewers were removing a protective layer on the screen itself. What they thought was a typically removable phone protector was actually a layer that, if removed, would damage the display function.

Another reviewer found debris in the hinge area of the phone, resulting in a malfunctioning display. This problem was found at the back of the device with no understanding of how it may have gotten there.

Responding to the Flaws

Initially, the main point that Samsung pushed was that they would more clearly state to consumers that the protective layer should not be removed. Additionally, they planned to inspect each review unit to find out if the issues were isolated incidents.

Following these public reviews, Samsung has announced that they will be delaying the launch of their foldable phone. Samsung released a statement saying, “To fully evaluate this feedback and run further internal tests, we have decided to delay the release of the Galaxy Fold. We plan to announce the release date in the coming weeks.”

Broken Phones Doesn’t Mean Lost Data

With these foldable phones may not be quite ready for a real audience, it may lead consumers to wonder if this expensive technology is worth the wait. No matter if you have the newest mobile device, or stick with your older model, no phone is immune to data loss.

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