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The Raspberry Pi 4 Boasts Features that Rival PCs

The newest version of the Raspberry Pi has many updated features that include more memory and several USB ports.


After much speculation and anticipation, the Raspberry Pi 4 has finally arrived. It’s been a long time since the famous hardware has received a major update, and fans of the platform have a lot to be excited about. The Raspberry Pi Foundation announced their newest version of the Pi earlier this summer and it is already available for purchase.

What is the Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi is a compact computer that is often used for educational and development purposes. It’s compatible with many popular operating systems as well. In spite of its small size, which is usually no larger than a cell phone, most Raspberry Pi models sport a suite of features that match conventional PCs blow for blow. They pair with monitors and televisions, have USB ports for external devices like keyboards and mice, and are very well-suited to assisting users in learning coding languages, like Scratch and C++.

These features, paired with an extremely affordable price point, have led to widespread adoption of Raspberry Pi hardware and its compatible operating systems.

How does the device improve upon previous models?

To start, for the first time since the pi’s inception, users will be able to purchase models with larger memory capacities. To the frustration of users everywhere, the Raspberry Pi has previously been capped at 512MB. No more–the Pi 4 will allow users to choose models with 2GB and 4GB of RAM for the first time since they began production.

Moving forward, the processor is getting some improvements as well. The manufacturer is switching to a Cortex-A72 architecture, which will enhance video decoding and multitasking capabilities immensely. This improvement will be one of the biggest reasons for current owners to consider upgrading.

To wrap things up, these technologic leaps will be paired with enhancements to memory transfer speeds. The hardware will feature LPDDR4, which is a substantial upgrade over the previous model’s foundation of LPDDR2.

What are some of the most useful new features?

Most of the hardware’s new features come from the Pi 4’s expanded suite of options. Leaps in tech since the last model’s release have increased the manufacturer’s ability to pack more features and utilities into a smaller design, which means great things for the Pi 4 on the usability front.

First, users will have access to two USB 3.0 ports, which places the Pi 4 on par with most modern motherboards. Impressively, two USB 2.0 ports are included as well. This means that the Pi 4’s port capacity rivals most conventional PCs.

Connectivity options are getting a boost as well. Two micro-HDMI ports allow users to enjoy 4K, 60FPS video signals for the first time in the hardware’s history. Even better, there are two, which means that the Pi 4 can broadcast its signal to two different displays simultaneously.

Lastly, the Pi 4 will feature a microSD card slot, enabling users to pair their system with their own memory cards. This enables many capabilities concerning development and media playback.

How much will it cost?

The price point has always been an enormous factor in what makes Raspberry Pi hardware so appealing. And in spite of the stellar new suite of features, the Pi 4 is staying with the hardware’s history of affordability–the Pi 4 will be available for only $35, with the 2GB and 4GB models coming in at only $45 and $55 respectively.

How will this system affect the tech landscape?

Raspberry Pi hardware has always been a favorite among educators and hobby-level developers. As such, the Pi 4’s impact on the tech landscape will likely be in line with the hardware’s history of giving students and techies access to an affordable, development-minded device that can be used to enhance their skills and create awesome home projects.

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