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Protect Your Data with these Stocking Stuffers

Protect Your Data with these Stocking Stuffers


We often think about the need to protect our online privacy while surfing the Internet, updating passwords, and shielding our identities. We often forget that the vault of private and business-related data on your smartphone or tablet is also in danger of falling into the wrong hands. Even without stealing the physical device, hackers can steal important data from your mobile devices. There’s no better gift than the gift of peace of mind. As you search for the techy on your list, consider these data protection gadgets. While they pack a powerful protection punch, they are all small enough to stuff in a stocking:

3M Privacy Phone Filters

As smartphone screens get larger, it’s even easier for wandering eyes to catch a glimpse of private information. Privacy screen protectors from 3M are a low-tech solution to prevent people from seeing the contents of your screen. Once applied, the screen will appear black or gold when onlookers try to view it from the side. The screen is not changed or compromised from a direct, head-on view by the user.

Silent Pocket

Some cyber criminals don’t even need to see the device they’re attempting to compromise. Wifi, Bluetooth, and RFID can be utilized to connect to devices and steal data. Silent Pocket sleeves ($59.99) are designed to defend your smartphone, tablet, or laptop against technologies that attempt to infiltrate. Since the devices block all signals, some have found the added benefit that it silences their devices from the endless stream of pings, notifications, and updates. Work offline with the security that your device and the data within is protected.


The SecureUSB 3.0 ($139.00) is an encrypted flash drive with military-grade protection. It serves as a bootable drive and is the perfect option for basic data storage or backup. The SecureUSB can be used across platforms. There’s no software required and users can access with typical plug-and-play ease. Prior to plugging in the device, users enter their personalized pin. When the USB is unplug, it’s automatically locked with encryption. The SecureUSB comes pre-loaded with anti-virus software to further protect data and connected devices. Everyone on your list will appreciate updating their old USBs with this safer alternative. The SecureUSB 3.0 is ready to ship.

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