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Making the Move: Transferring Data


A new computer offers the potential for more space, faster processing speeds, and better organization. To get the most from your transition, most users will want to move all or at least some of their data and programs from an older computer. There are wizards, tech options, and the ever-present IT helpline to support this relatively simple process but before you get started, here are a few tips for making the move:

  • Only Take What You Need

Just like the move into a new house, it’s always helpful to dedicate some time purging and reorganizing files prior to cracking the seal on your new computer. When you find files that you won’t need for a long time (but could possibly need in the future), archive them. If space is a concern, compress your files using a program like Winzip, Stuffit, or BitZipper. Decide how you’d like to access your files in the future. Burning data to discs is becoming a less common option because fewer computers have readers. USB drives or online backup options are solid choices.

  • Backup, Backup, Backup!

You’ve archived your old files, reorganized what you’d like to migrate, and now you are ready to make the switch. But, wait! Before transferring your files, backup your old computer. If something goes awry in the migration process, you’ll be glad you did. This final backup will also provide a comprehensive copy of your previous device should you want to access all or part in the future.

  • Get Moving

Your new computer will most likely launch with an integrated transfer wizard. Follow the steps to get most of your data migrated or copied to the new computer. If you used an online backup option, you can also copy or access files from your new device with ease. For more advanced migration needs, there are cables to connect devices and third-party migration software.

For many people, remembering to install all the smaller programs essential to our daily routines is the biggest headache of moving to a new machine. A website called Ninite offers a nice option to check off which programs you use and get them installed all at once. As an added bonus, Ninite installs updates to these programs as well. This insures your new device with be protected from previously detected bugs and vulnerabilities.

Congrats on making the move! We wish you the best but if you experience data loss during the process, contact us.

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