Hard Drive Data Loss Sounds

Is Your Hard Drive Making Strange Sounds?

Normally, it’s perfectly fine when your computer is making noises. It all depends on what it is you’re doing. Sometimes, your computer makes a few sounds as it is booting up or shutting down, but what happens if your computer is making strange clicking and whirring sounds? Sounds that are out of the ordinary and that you’ve never heard your computer make before? Your hard disk drive may be getting old–and that means data loss could happen.

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Dissecting the Noises

Should you start hearing an alarming or strange noise from your computer, there’s a possibility that it’s your hard disk drive getting old and worn. This happens because of the spinning plates within the hard disk drive. These plates can eventually get worn, which can cause disturbances in the way the plates spin. Sooner or later, those plates will grind or scrape. Before you know it, those plates could even damage one another, leading to the destruction of both the plates and the data within.

Some other things that can lead to increased noise in your computer:

  • Power supply
  • Graphics card
  • Processor fan
  • Additional case-mounted fans

As you can see, there are a lot of moving parts that could possibly make noises. One in particular is a rattling noise. This commonly comes from a screw being loose and moving about within your device. The screw may have vibrated loose after years of use and can cause an electrical short if not found and tightened properly. This is a deep mechanical issue that could be one of many reasons behind a noisy hard drive.

What Should You Do?

First thing’s first, your information is important! If you suspect that your hard drive is responsible for the noises, you should take the steps to ascertain whether it really is your hard drive or something else in your computer. Start by turning off your computer, allowing your hard drive to settle before removing it. Once removed, turn your computer back on to see if any of your other computer components are making the strange sound.

If there’s still a sound, it means a different part of your computer is responsible for the noise and you can continue narrowing down the source. But if there is no longer any strange sound, chances are it’s because your hard drive really is starting to fail. Listen to hard drive failure sounds here to determine if you need a recovery specialist. It may be a fix as simple as tightening a screw on the drive or cleaning the dust from a processor fan, but all noises are not so harmless.

If you’ve determined that your hard disk drive is the source of the sound, try to back up what data you can. There is a chance that some of your data may have been lost in the process of the plates getting worn and damaged. This does not mean that all is lost as far as recovering your missing data. There are ways to retrieve the data that you can’t perform at home.

Recover Your Data with the Industry’s Best

Your lost data doesn’t have to stay lost. With the right experts, you can get your important data retrieved, even with a damaged hard disk drive. Our certified engineers are trained to work with any operating system and every media. With our state-of-the-art Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanrooms, harmful airborne particles are kept to a minimum, so they do not interfere with the delicate work that comes with recovering data from hard disk drives. With a 96% success rate and the most certifications in the industry, you can depend on Secure Data Recovery to get back your data. Call our 24/7 customer line at 1-800-388-1266 to start your case and get your valuable data back.