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Google Introduces New Tip Site

In an effort to promote the interconnected nature of its many products, Google recently released a new tip website named Google Tips.


Google is looking to help everyone integrate more of their products into your everyday life by introducing a new tips web site that provides helpful hints on Google products from Android to Google Search. If you need more Google, Google Tips is the place site to make that happen.

What Is Google Tips?

Google Tips is a new pseudo-support style website provided by Google in order to provide helpful product insights on all forms of Google based products. The site covers Google services such as Android, Chrome, Google+, Google Maps, Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube, and even Google Search.

The layout is simple and based in a tile, or index card, format that includes 12 tips per page. Each individual tip card starts as a quick blurb on the tip and an icon designating the product covered by the tip. When selected, a tip will morph into a larger-version index card slideshow that covers each step of the specified tip and takes no more than a few minutes to complete.

The tips cover a wide range of topics for Google products. For example, one current tip covers using Google to coordinate information between multiple Google products, like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google+. Another tip focuses on saving favorite locations in Google maps. And another tip details how to configure YouTube to play like a jukebox.

Another interesting feature of the Google Tips website is the ability for users to submit their own suggestions for an interesting or helpful tips card. The selection is located at the lower part of the page, next to Feedback, and opens up an blank card where new ideas can be submitted for approval.

Are The Tips Useful Or Just A New Marketing Angle?

In a word, yes. First off, Google is a business and businesses are created and operated to make a profit. In the case of Google Tips, the site illustrates the ease at connecting all manors of Google services to each other. In an age where companies are fighting to keep market share and proprietary operating systems make interconnectivity difficult having all of your data accessible over multiple services and products is a huge selling point.

The Google Tips site lets you explore the interconnected nature of Google's main product lines in a simple and easy to navigate interface. For most advanced users, the tips that are offered on Google Tips may seem lackluster or simplistic, but for an average user looking to explore the ways of maximizing services they already use, Google Tips is a gold mine.

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