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Data Recovery is All About the Odds

Don't gamble with your precious data, choose a data recovery provider with a proven track record.


A friend of mine admitted to me that back a few years ago he had a hard drive on his MacBook Pro that failed. He took it into a local Apple shop to see if they could get any of the data off it before he bought a new drive. They charged him $100 to try and totally failed.

He took it home, $100 poorer and decided to boot off a disk repair program that he borrowed from another friend. He got the disk up and running enough to recover the important data, about 50% of the drive, before it completely died. He didn't like losing the other half of his data but felt glad he got the data he did.

The lesson he learned from all this, he said, was to take it to the right place the first time. If I had taken it to you right off, I probably would have all my data. 50% was better than the 0% from the repair shop but not near as good as 100% I think I would have had.

I told him that even we don't hit 100% all the time. Yeah, but it's all about the odds and percentages, he reminded.

100% recovery isn't absolute

I have thought about that conversation several times over the years. Everybody in the industry is happy when they are able to recover 100% of data off a failed hard drive, but in most cases damage will make some data unrecoverable.

Today, data recover still ranges from do it yourself, to Secure Data Recovery. As mentioned before, even we can't always hit 100%, but when we are able to only hit 85% - 90% recovery on a disk, nearly every other option would be a complete failure. As my friend mentioned, it's an odds game.

So, how do we improve your odds?

The problem with most data recovery services is that they let a little success go to their heads. They may have some success with easy recoveries and think they have it made. The bulk of data recoveries however, will become a problem for them in the end. The only way to properly guarantee the highest odds of success for hard drive recovery is to prepare for everything.

That means having a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, having the hardware, software, and expertise to work on every operating system extant, the ability to work on every type and brand of hard drive or storage system, and the long-term experience to be able to diagnose the problem and challenges before attempting the recovery.

Don't gamble with your data

If your data is not worth a gamble, you really have only one place that gives you the best odds. Our client list speaks for itself. We recover data for companies and governments that can't afford to gamble. We don't like to gamble either, that's why we make sure we can handle every data recovery emergency.

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