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What's Trending

Data loss affects thousands of computer users every year, causing millions of dollars in damages. This part of our blog contains recent news regarding data loss, data recovery, digital storage technology and other related subjects.

Couple Purchasing Electronics

PC Sales Decline For Fifth Consecutive Quarter: Is The End Nigh?

Earlier this month major news outlets began trumpeting the news that the personal computer was dead. For the first time since personal computers were a trackable commodity, both PC and laptops have suffered the "longest duration of decline" in history. What's the driving force behind sluggish sales?


The Reorganization Of Microsoft: Just in time or too late?

With the release of two memos totaling nearly 6000 words, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer announced how his company would be restructuring itself in an attempt to become more focused on cross-platform, forward thinking product offerings. The hope is that the new organization will allow for more synergy across disciplines and reduce the competitiveness and derision between product groups.

Windows 8.1

OPINION: Windows 8.1 – Adding Insult to Injury

Each day since the operating systems 2012 launch consumers have been told of the groundbreaking technology and forward thinking aspects of Windows 8 while at the same time the operating systems has underperformed at a level surpassing even Windows Vista and the personal computer market recently posted its 5th straight decline.

Razer Blade Laptop

The Razer Blade Ultra-Thin Laptop

The Razer Blade is a 14” ultra-thin and ultra-light laptop designed specifically for gaming. However, due to the quality of this products manufacture, this product can and should easily crossover into private and enterprise use. The Blade is designed in an all-black, anodized aluminum shell that is angular and comparable to the design of a MacBook Pro.

Smart Watch

Smart Watches: Do We Really Need Another Smart Device?

The list of smart devices continues to grow as the iWatch joins Google Glass, smart phones, tablets and existing android smart watches in the crowed smart device market. But where does this end? Are we seeing a shift away from phones and tablets to wearable smart devices or is this just a cash grab that relies on a redundant system?

Windows 8 on a Laptop

Windows 8: Failure to Launch

With the birth of Windows 8, Microsoft decided to start copying it’s competitors in nearly every way. The problem is that Microsoft forgot about it’s core users in both the home PC and enterprise solutions markets. All Windows 8 did was add pretty colors and a touchscreen interface while taking away the one place even the most novice user knew to go: the Start button.

NSA Prism

PRISM: Smoke and Mirrors or Detrimental to Cloud Computing?

Several newspapers have print a claim that the NSA has a program called PRISM which now has backdoor access to almost every major American internet company. With more and more data and services becoming “cloud” based, consumers are being asked to trust their lives to the security of these systems. When that trust is shaken, where can these consumers turn?

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