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Knowledgebase – Tips and Tricks

Knowledgebase - Tips and Tricks

While you should never attempt to repair digital media or recover your own files, you can often prevent file damage by taking immediate action after a disaster. This part of our blog contains tips to help you avoid data loss.

Upgrade Windows XP Soon

Three reasons to upgrade from Windows XP now

Windows XP has been a stalwart and stable platform for PCs nearly a decade now and for that reason, among others, many users refuse to upgrade. Businesses and individual users alike are more than happy to forgo the perceived problems that come with a new operating system and considering the mess that was Vista’s initial offering and the lackluster reception of Windows 8. However, time has run out on the aging operating system now that Microsoft has pulled the plug on XP support.

Secure Cloud Storage

Cloud security: Three top secure cloud services

Most people are aware of the largest cloud storage providers, like DropBox and Google Drive, but many are unaware of the limited security that their files have while hosted by these companies. If security is a primary concern for web-based storage, then consider moving to one of the three services we profile here. Each provide multiple layers of security for their cloud based storage solutions and may be the right choice for your data storage needs.


Spring Cleaning: How to clean your computer

Today’s technology is often shown as omnipresent, invasive, dependable, and clean. Since the late 50s, technology and the future have been presented to us with the sheen of sleek white, shiny surfaces and clean metallic lines. Even our current technology clings to the antiquated ideal of sleekness, simplicity, and style that never once shows an ounce or spec of dirt, grime, or wear. While your pc’s keyboard is far removed from surfaces that we consider ultra-clean, like hospitals, doctor’s offices, and data recovery labs, there is no reason that your personal technology can’t be as clean, and healthy, as possible.

Network-Attached Storage

Use Network-Attached Storage for extra security

The right Network-Attached Storage (NAS) solution will provide benefits beyond simple external network storage. A NAS is a network appliance that connects storage drives, either hard drives or SSDs, into your home network without connecting directly to a computer. Advanced NAS systems can include support for built-in encryption, tools and interfaces that allow remote access, and advanced security features like home camera monitoring systems.

Protect Your PC Part Two

Security focus: Protect your PC Part II

This is part two of our look at emerging and creative security threats to your pc. Today’s focus will cover the more ambiguous attacks created by out-of-date software, improper security parameters, and persistent hackers. While these types of attacks are more difficult to recognize effectively, there are simple steps to follow that will provide protection from infection.

Database Security Vulnerabilities

10 Most Common Database Security Vulnerabilities

I have learned in my years in the online security business, that database security is a dynamic thing. I have met many different kinds of people in cities all around the world, but the most creative people are the ones involved in hacking through computer privacy programs. Their creativity in trying to crack open databases inspires me to be more creative in securing them.

Protect Your PC

Security focus: Protect your PC

For most pc users, security is nothing more than Windows Defender or an anti-virus program. We are expected to use these simple programs and, when kept up-to-date, the basic protection they offer will be enough to stop most threats. However, the pervasiveness of anti-virus software has become so thorough that the creators of malicious software have had to become much more creative with their attacks.

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