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Knowledgebase – Tips and Tricks

Knowledgebase - Tips and Tricks

While you should never attempt to repair digital media or recover your own files, you can often prevent file damage by taking immediate action after a disaster. This part of our blog contains tips to help you avoid data loss.

Secure your data while on the road.

How to Protect Your Data on the Road

Whether at home or on vacation, you must make sure that your data is safe. Take the proper steps to protect your data while you are away and you can return home knowing that you important files and private data will be safe. Read on to learn more about how to secure you data on the road.

Prevent Identity Fraud

5 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

Securing your personal identity against fraud requires the same level of vigilance and maintenance usually reserved for PC security. Its only a matter of time before a problem will arise If you are not regularly checking your credit history and the security of your financial accounts. So to help you combat this problem, we have compiled a list of five simple steps to follow.

Tips and Tricks: Browsers

Tips and Tricks: Bolster your browser privacy

Staying out of the crosshairs of data gathers on the web is difficult these days. Someone is always trying to gather the data from your browsing history, activities, and preferences. Don’t worry! There are a number of simple extensions that will bolster your browser’s and keep the tracking companies off your trail.

Protect your credit card PIN

Is Your Pin Safe at Stores?

Many consumers have become concerned with the safety of their day-to-day transactions following the rash of retail security breaches this last holiday season. We use debit cards in lieu of cash at retail establishments in greater numbers than ever before. Eventually a store that you frequent will come under attack and understanding how best to secure your PIN will provide a first line of protection to your finances.

Manage your SSD

Manage your SSD the right way – Part Two

In our last blog, we covered the proper planning of your SSD’s file structure, how to move previously installed programs, and how to adjust the system folder pathing. This time, we will cover the care and feeding of your drive so that simple mistakes can be avoided. Follow these simple suggestions and keep your SSD lightning fast and viable for years to come.

Manage Your SSD

Manage your SSD the right way

The best upgrade you can purchase for a PC is a Solid State Drive. The differences between the average mechanical HDD and the average SSD are significant: lowered disk access speeds, faster boot times, and fast application launches. However, SSDs aren’t perfect and their limitations should be understood in order to make the most of their benefits.

Tips and Tricks

Selectively delete your browser history

When securing sensitive and private data on a PC, most users refuse to consider securing or deleting their browser’s history. This is the record of every internet site and page that a user has visited since the browser was first used or the last history was cleared. For most PC owners, that means their browser history contains everywhere they have visited on the web. Everywhere.

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