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Data loss affects thousands of computer users every year, causing millions of dollars in damages. This part of our blog contains recent news regarding data loss, data recovery, digital storage technology and other related subjects.

Linksys Routers Targeted By Malware

New vulnerability found in Linksys routers

Researchers from the SANS Institute Internet Storm Center (ISC) issued an alert on February 12, 2014 stating that older models of the Linksys E-series router have been compromised. Early reports indicated that a self-replicating program, recently given the name TheMoon, which exploits authentication bypass vulnerabilities, causes the infection. The vulnerability is preventable with specific settings changes in the administration interface of the affected devices.

Micrsofts Plea

Microsoft asks for help because users will not drop Windows XP

With only two months reaming until the Windows XP support termination deadline, Microsoft is looking for help in getting users to upgrade. Without support from Microsoft in combatting malicious software attacks and other coding holes, users of the aging system will become easy targets. Microsoft is asking users who have already upgraded to talk to their friends and family and help in the transition.

2013 Top Stories

2013’s Top Five Technology Stories

As the days count down until 2014, we take a look back at the most important stories of the year that was 2013. These are stories that will have a lasting impact on the way people do business, interact with each other, or how technology is regulated and created on all levels. Read on to find out more about the top stories of 2013.

Microsoft Joins the FIDO Alliance

Microsoft Joins Organization Seeking To Replace Passwords

Microsoft has joined with the FIDO Alliance in searching for ways to replace password authentication. Security professionals have long believed that user names and passwords were the weakest link in security standards. The FIDO Alliance hopes to standardize authentication systems with public key cryptography and replace passwords all together.

Smart Monitor

Smart Monitors: A Monitor that Replaces The Home PC?

Monitor manufacturers believe that adding “Smart” features like app support using Android, touch screen functionality, and the ability to operate without a native PC or operating system is the wave of the future. A “smart monitor” on its most basic level is a PC monitor that does not need a PC to operate. This is more than the all-in-one monitor computers offered today that contain a fully capable PC infrastructure within the monitor along with using an operating system like Apple OS or Windows.

Cable Modem Comparison

Top Five Cable Modems For The First Half Of 2013

The availability and price points of the cable internet market have made this internet access technology a popular choice among businesses and private consumers alike. Cable internet speeds are sometimes as much as 5x faster than comparable DSL products while not requiring the installation or use of extra wiring making the choice of cable internet over competitors products easy for many consumers.

International Space Station

Windows out, Linux in on the International Space Station

Over the last few years, residents of the International Space Station have used laptops equipped with Windows XP to interface with systems and to control experiments and scheduling software. However, we have now been informed that this no longer the case.

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