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Data loss affects thousands of computer users every year, causing millions of dollars in damages. This part of our blog contains recent news regarding data loss, data recovery, digital storage technology and other related subjects.

Android Device

Three Android-Only Apps That Every Android Owner Should Have

For years, loyal Android users have had to wait for the newest and most interesting apps to appear on the Google Play store long after their debut on iTunes. Times are quickly changing with more and more Android-only apps making their way into the Play Store. Here is a selection of three Android-only apps that all Android device owners should have.


New NASA Demonstration Highlights Possibilities Of Laser Communication

Earlier this year, NASA demonstrated a new laser communication technology that transmitted data at a rate of 622 Mbps. These high-speed transfer rates are easily more than six times faster than current radio communications used by the agency. The positive test results open the way for the next long-term demonstration system expected to begin testing after its 2017 launch date.

Dark Mail

Kickstater Initiative Looks To Create Fully Encrypted Email

Email encryption has become an important focus for consumers in the wake of the NSA spying story from this summer. Since that time, a Kickstarter campaign has been started that hopes to create a Dark Mail email protocol that encrypts both the body of an email as well as its associated metadata. The protocol is to be open source and the creators hope to make it available to all email service providers so that widespread adoption is possible.

wd data loss

Western Digital Warns Customers of Disk Data Loss

According to an email sent by Western Digital over the weekend, there are significant data loss concerns for their customers who own external hard drives and upgrade to Apple’s new OS X Mavericks. The company believes that its software applications might be to blame and have recommended their uninstallation while also removing the download links for each. There has been no ETA on a resolution at this time.

Digital Safe Harbor Law

Internet ‘Safe Harbor’ Law Threatened

A group of states’ attorney generals is planning to bring a proposed amendment to the 1996 Communications Decency Act before the US congress. The proposal would strengthen the rights of states in prosecuting web-based violators of state laws, but faces widespread opposition. Opponents to the proposal believe the change would stifle free speech and decimate innovation on the net.

The Hyperloop

Technology To Watch For: The Hyperloop

Billionaire Inventor Elon Musk has proposed what could be the first real breakthrough in sustainable, low-emission, and high-speed transportation systems. The Hyperloop, as the design is called, represents a significant technological jump over current high-speed rail systems and if built, stands to change the way commuters move between cities.

The New Apple iPad Air

Apple Unveils New iPad Air

Apple unveiled the newest version of its industry leading tablet product, named the iPad Air. The new tablet is the first major redesign of the flagship tablet brand since the introduction of the Retina display on iPad 3s. With a thinner profile and a best in the world one pound weight, the new iPad Air should be a huge success.

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