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What's Trending

Data loss affects thousands of computer users every year, causing millions of dollars in damages. This part of our blog contains recent news regarding data loss, data recovery, digital storage technology and other related subjects.

Security Threats in 2014

Security 2014: Top emerging threats

With the almost constant reporting of security breaches in major retail stores across America, the threat to data and privacy across all spectrums of daily life has never been more prominent. With this in mind, consideration must be given to the emerging threats that have not yet gathered enough media attention.

Windows 8.1 Update 1 Changes

Windows 8.1 Update 1: Rumored changes

The first update to Microsoft’s flagship operating system is nearly ready to be released to the world and rumors are swirling about new features and proposed changes. Many believe that Microsoft is attempting to appease their mouse and keyboard users with simple and familiar changes. Whatever the reason, the new changes are interesting to see.

Motorola patents e-tattoo

Google-owned Motorola Mobility patents thought-reading e-tattoo

According to a recent patent application filing, Google-owned Motorola Mobility has created an electronic smart tattoo that can recognize unvocalized words in your throat. The new device could allow for silent communication with connected technology opening up a wide-range of input possibilities and app interactions. This is a patent everyone should keep an eye on.

Mobile devices used in DDoS attacks

Mobile security: Devices may be used in future DDoS attacks

According to a recently released report, opt-in mobile DDoS apps will become an increasing threat to businesses in 2014. Prolexic Technologies, an American-based DDoS protection firm, reports that increased use of mobile opt-in DDoS applications have affected their customer base in the last part of 2013. The company believes that this trend will continue to increase in the coming year.

ChromeOS in Windows 8

Recent Chrome browser update includes Chrome OS in Windows 8

In the most recent update to Google’s Chrome browser, the search giant has included a close replica of its own Chrome operating system. Called the modern UI interface for Chrome in Windows 8, the new interface closely resembles the look and functionality of ChromeOS. Users interested in activating the new metro app Chrome interface need only to activate the feature through their Chrome browser settings.

PC Gamers Targeted

Security update: Gamers targeted by hackers

A recently released report from Kaspersky Labs details the growing threat to PC gaming by targeted malware. According to the report, nearly 14 million attacks were reported against PC gamers in 2013. These numbers are expected to rise as more and more PC gamers look for ways to circumvent existing gaming channels.

Gmail and Google Plus

Google+ Email Changes Raises Privacy Concerns

Google has decided to change Google+ so that people who do not know your Gmail address will have the ability to email you via name search. The announcement has privacy advocates comparing the new functionality to a similar privacy debacle with Google Buzz. Save yourself the headaches of extra, unsolicited email by opting-out as soon as possible.

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