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Raid Server Data Recovery

Raid Server Data Recovery

A RAID array failure can have serious ramifications for your business. This section explores some of the most common data loss scenarios associated with RAID servers and provides an overview of RAID data recovery procedures for various configuration levels.

Fire Damage Hard Drive

The Effects of Thermal Damage on Hard Drives

When people think of environmental damage on their devices, the first thing that may come to mind is simply dropping their device when they are outdoors. However, thermal damage can be far more dangerous and require more in-depth recovery techniques.

SAN NAS Pros and Cons

Choosing Between a SAN and NAS: The Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for electronic storage options for computer files, Storage Attached Network SAN and Network Attached Storage NAS are two viable options. Either can be a good choice, but the best option ultimately depends on your needs. A SAN

RAID Storage and Calculator

The Basics of Using a RAID Calculator

The Basics The acronym RAID signifies a Redundant Array of Independent Disks. It is a virtualization technology for data storage that integrates the physical parts of disk drives into logical units. It can be used for data redundancy, performance management,

Is RAID a good backup option?

Is RAID a good backup option?

RAID provides a powerful front-line defense against several potential data loss possibilities by spreading data across multiple disks and providing automatic rebuilding if a disk fails. However, the seemingly bulletproof design of RAID causes many to believe it also serves

What is RAID redundancy?

What is RAID Redundancy?

RAID is a tech-related acronym that stands for Redundant Array of Independent (or Inexpensive) Disks. Although this storage technology has gotten less expensive over the years of its development, a declaration of inexpensive remains subjective. So, most settle on the

Can RAID 0 Be Converted to RAID 5?

Can RAID 0 be Converted to RAID 5?

Can drives in a RAID 0 array later be converted to RAID 5? Some people have manually copied things in this drive as a form of getting some type of backup, but having a complete backup of RAID 0 can

An Intro to RAID Classifications

An Intro to RAID Classifications

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a data storage technology where data is striped across a number of RAID class hard drives, which creates redundancy, lessens the possibility of data loss, and allows for the virtualization of extremely large

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