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Raid Server Data Recovery

Raid Server Data Recovery

A RAID array failure can have serious ramifications for your business. This section explores some of the most common data loss scenarios associated with RAID servers and provides an overview of RAID data recovery procedures for various configuration levels.

Expert VM Data Recovery on a RAID 10 Array

Elite Dental is a family-run practice based in Fountain Valley, California. Azadeh Ashtiany DDS, or Dr. Azi, as she is commonly known, manages patient records with Patterson Dental’s Eaglesoft software running on a standalone server. The server features four 2

Drive Failures Take Pediatrics Group’s NAS Offline

An administrator with Wee Tots Pediatrics, a group medical practice based in Arlington, Texas, recently contacted Secure Data Recovery Services through one of our local partners offices. The Dell EqualLogic PS6000 NAS server the group used to store patient records

RAID 5 Crash Disrupts Real Estate Operations

Miriam Velasco is Vice President of VLP Holdings, a property management company based in Miami, Florida. Recently the RAID 5 server used to store critical business files, including accounting database files, went offline. She initially thought it might be a

QNAP NAS Failure Endangers Critical Video Files

Home servers offer the convenience of massive storage capacities at a reasonable price point. They can support a home-based business or a personal storage hub for photos, video files, or other personal documents. As with any type of digital storage

SoftRAID Files Restored from Fire-Damaged NAS

When Bobby Hurman contacted Secure Data Recovery Services, he was sure that his server and the business data he stored there was beyond recovery. A fire had burned Mr. Hurman’s house to the ground, taking with it most of his

10 Million Files Recovered from Failed Dell EMC SAN

First Quantum Minerals has evolved over the last few decades from a small tailings reprocessor in Zambia to one of the world’s largest producers of copper ore. It employs more than 20,000 people globally, and its mining operations extend across

Failed Controller Takes HP ProLiant RAID 5 Offline

New York-based Consolidated Technologies, a managed IT service provider that helps businesses manage and protect their computer networks, recently experienced difficulties with its company server, an HP ProLiant ML350 G6 tower with four Seagate enterprise level 500 GB hard drives

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