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While you should never attempt to repair digital media or recover your own files, you can often prevent file damage by taking immediate action after a disaster. This part of our blog contains tips to help you avoid data loss.

Lost Partition Recovery

How to: Recover a lost hard disk partition

A lost or deleted partition can be a scary and frustrating experience for any PC user. Recovering that lost data should not be hassle, so we have put together a quick guide on recovering data from a lost partition. Read on for more information.

Solid State Drive Failure

Is it possible to recover data from a failed SSD?

Since their introduction, solid state drives have been the clear choice for consumers looking for reliability and speed. Much of the optimism surrounding the reliability of SSDs, when compared to the standard mechanical drives, revolves around the lack of moving parts, which removed any fear of wear and tear on the drive. The fewer the moving parts, the better the reliability… right?

Last Minute Shopping

Last Minute Shopping Guides: Let Us Help You Find The Right Tech Gifts

With only days left to get your holiday shopping finished, don’t let yourself get stressed over the right products to buy. Let us do the research work for you. We have gathered the last few months’ buying guides, shopping lists, and top-product guides together into a single location for easy access and use.

Cloud Security

Five Ways To Keep Data Secure On The Cloud

The proliferation of the cloud into the lives of everyday computer users has only exacerbated the need for a more secure cloud service. Unfortunately, privacy legislation and technology has lagged behind cloud expansion. To combat this issue, we have included five tips for incorporating stronger security into your cloud services.

Android Tethering

Turn Your Android Phone Into A Hotspot Without Rooting

Tethering can be a simple solution for accessing the internet on Wi-Fi enabled devices. However, with already pricey carrier contracts, many users will balk at the added costs. Consider these no-rooting needed Android apps as an alternative to network specific tethering.

Drive Destroyers

Drive Destroyers: The Top Hard Drive Killers

The question of hard drive failure is not about if it will happen, but when. To mitigate this eventuality, a PC owner must understand the types of failures and the specific dangers to the hard drive and the system. Read on to learn more about the hard drive destroyers.

Slow Computer

Why Slow Computer Speeds May Indicate Hard Drive Head Failures

Computers can slow down for hundreds of reasons, and sudden performance issues do not necessarily indicate an impending hard drive failure. However, the actuator heads are extremely precise, and a slight offset can prevent them from working correctly and if the hard drive's heads become less efficient at accessing information.  Your computer's performance will suffer as a result.

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