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Apple Focuses On Privacy At New WWDC Conference For iOS 13

WWDC offers new insight on Apple security features.


Apple’s WWDC Aims For Privacy at Its Core

It’s now two days after Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) where they announced some impressive new products like a new Mac Pro and a $999 monitor stand. While the new products provided many Apple fans with what they’ve wanted, it was not all about the hardware. Apple’s WWDC put a lot of focus on their services and their ability to protect users privacy.

In recent months, the privacy debate continued to grow as Google, Amazon, and Facebook continually let their users down with employees who could listen in on smart speakers, data breaches, exposed databases containing personally identifiable information, and more. Still, these three companies are a major part of how people interact online and how they sign in to different websites and services.

Sign In With Apple Takes Google and Facebook Head On

Users sign into a website using Google or Facebook since it saves them the time of needing to create a new account with every single app they interact with. Yet, with every sign in, Google and others collect and store that information, and subsequently, use it for how they please. While users continue to shy away and switch to search engines like Duck Duck Go or Tor browser, Apple might have an easier solution.

At WWDC Apple took advantage of the lack of consumer trust in Google, Amazon, and Facebook by offering a new service called Apple Sign In. Using the new Apple Sign In will keep your information protected and private, and will never be used for another advertiser’s gain. In fact, Apple thought about the user who doesn’t want to use their real email address and will create a dummy email address for any app. The dummy address can still forward messages to your real email address but Apple makes it easier than before to turn those messages off.

This supports Apple’s stance on privacy that they announced at their March 2019 keynote. Right now, iOS 13 is in beta testing for developers and the public can expect Sign In With Apple and more in the fall with the official iOS 13 release.

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