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5 Things You Didn’t Know about Cleanroom Data Recovery

There are several advantages to using cleanroom technology for data recovery.

When choosing a data recovery company it is always important to find a provider that operates a certified “cleanroom.” This is primarily true if you have a hard drive – internal or external – that has physical damage. Opening a hard drive exposes it to dust particles, such as dead skin cells. That posts a further danger of corrupted files. So, one quick bit of advice – if you have hard drive failure, do not open the hard drive yourself to investigate. Let an expert do it.

What is a Cleanroom Environment?

A cleanroom data recovery service is an environment free from airborne particles; any air entering the room is filtered to a scientific degree. To keep a cleanroom environment, the area must stay restricted, and procedures must be followed, including:
  • Employees don sanitized room gowns and shoe coverings
  • Caps or hoods worn to reduce hair dander
  • Doors will remain closed as much as possible
  • Often a double-door entryway is in place

How do Cleanroom Services Differ from Regular Data Recovery?

A cleanroom requires sophisticated filtering systems with HVAC technology. This is something not easily to replicate, which is why this form of data recovery has become very specialized. Cleanroom technology uses a highly sterile environment for recovering lost data, and the process ensures your hard drive will be recovered under the right circumstances.

Higher Rate of Success With a Cleanroom

A company with certified cleanroom technology often has a much higher success rate. The recovery takes place in one of the safest environments for work on your hard drive. You do not want to take unnecessary risks with your data – and in fact want to take every precaution.

How Cleanrooms Are Classified

On average, your hard drive platter rotate several thousand times every minute. That stirs up a lot of dust particles that can cause server crashes or damage to your data. Through federal standards, cleanroom data recovery companies regulate the cleanness levels to have a higher chance of recovery. To classify as a cleanroom, experts look at the amount of particles bigger than half a micrometer (µm) per cubic foot. For example, cleanrooms that have a Class 100 ISO 5 rating only allow for 100 particles for every cubic foot. ISO 5 has become the tested and proven standard of the successful companies in the data recovery services industry.

Why Choose Cleanroom Technology?

Cleanrooms often come equipped with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters because this type removes the dust particles that could infiltrate and cause problems for the hard drive. In addition to reducing dust particles, the temperature and humidity in these rooms are also controlled. There is normally 24/7 surveillance over the room to regulate it and limit the chance for unauthorized access to your data. If your company has especially sensitive data and you would like to find out more about our cleanroom service give us a call, 1-800-388-1266. We also have a 2-minute video showing what it looks like.
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