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5 Surprising Uses for your Apple Watch


Although the Apple Watch won’t arrive in stores until June, early adopters of the next big wearable tech device have had a chance to test the watch for approximately 2 weeks. Online pre-orders have exceeded the sales of Android watches for the entire year. There’s plenty of buzz surrounding the Apple watch as questions swirl. What can you actually do with this device? With many of us rarely separated from our phones, is more wearable tech necessary?

Some early adopters have been surprised by the usefulness of the watch in ways that they didn’t expect. Here are 5 surprising uses that may leave you wondering how to get your wrist in the Apple watch:

  • Nonverbal nudging: The Apple Watch allows wearers to receive silent pings felt on the wrist but not observable by others. Colleagues in a meeting could ping a speaker with an agreed upon code or a set signal to wrap up a pitch without interrupting the meeting itself. Pings offer a far less distracting way to interfere than sending a text or speaking up in a way that could signal disunity.
  • Money on hand: The Apple Pay feature allows wearers to make purchases with only their watch. Going for a run? Want to leave your phone behind to enjoy a more peaceful meal with friends? Apple Pay on the Apple Watch ironically offers an option to feel more tech-free while still accessing the essentials.
  • Meet in the middle: The Apple Watch brings people together by determining the midway point between two individuals. Directions are then routed to both phones to facilitate an equidistant meeting point for all parties.
  • Replacing outdated tech: Some argue that the Apple Watch doesn’t perform any outstandingly unique tasks that aren’t already accomplished by other devices. As the number of our cords and devices grows though, it’s hard to argue with the value of streamlining technology. The Apple Watch easily replaces multiple devices, including the traditional watch, fitness bands, and even keyless key fobs, garage door openers, and select wireless controllers.
  • What the doctor ordered: The option to pair the Apple Watch with a range of Bluetooth devices opens the door to an infinite array of possibilities. One such use of interest to many in the medical field is the use of monitors for less invasive and more thorough health tracking. Wearers could pair the health monitoring abilities of the watch with a heartrate monitor or a number of other devices. Results could be sent in real-time to doctors and patients.
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