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5 Storage Tips for Your Photos

3 Ways To Delete Duplicate Files

Have you ever had your iPhone alert you that you ran out of storage space? Most of the time, this is due to one common culprit: all of your photos! Odds are, you have a ton of pictures stored on your phone, and you have to move them elsewhere to get more storage capacity. Luckily, there’s simple solutions that allow you to move photos to a new location.

1. Utilize Secure File Sharing and Storage

If you want to know how to store family photos, the easiest and fastest way does not require cords, a file sync or backup. You simply sign up for one of the following file hosting services: These services offer a free service for saving photos online. Keep in mind, however, SugarSync only gives you a 90-day free trial.

2. Transfer Photos between Devices with Dropbox

The hardest part of storing family photos involves transferring the raw data when and where you want it. Dropbox offers a file transfer solution for moving data between your computer, Wi-Fi devices, mobile devices and the Cloud. Dropbox will give you 2GB of free storage space, or you can earn an extra 16GB of free space when you give referrals and take advantage of their promotions.

3. Store Photos with Flickr

Saving all of your photos can be as simple as storing them on Flickr. This storage option provides one free terabyte of space, which makes it one of the best choices for freeing up a hard drive. Flickr also features share and editing options, so you can edit and send your images on the fly. If you have old pictures gobbling up most of the space on your hard drive, you can sign up to Flickr here.

4. Save Photos to iCloud

Apple iCloud shows a flashy and easy-to-navigate interface that works for both the Mac and Windows. The advantage of iCloud is how it will support both Gmail and Dropbox accounts. iCloud will also allow you to store videos, documents, apps and music!

5. Take Advantage of Social Media

Although Facebook creates a new album every 1,000 pictures, the social media giant does not set a limit on the number of photos you can save to their network. REMINDER: Change the privacy settings for photos to be viewed publicly, or for your own personal storage. Storing your photos will depend on your individual needs for what storage works the best based on your preferences. There are advantages and disadvantages, but all options allow for safe storage of a large number of files. If you have questions about file storage, or need help recovering lost photos from a hard drive, contact Secure Data Recovery today!
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