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4 Vintage Technologies that People Still Use Today

4 Vintage Technologies that People Still Use Today

We all like to think we do or can work on the cutting edge of technology and we’re putting the past behind us. However, there are some technologies that remain so simple and off-grid that they bring comfort and peace of mind when it comes to security.

Vintage Technology #1: PDAs

At one time, PDAs, short for the personal digital assistant, were seen as a status symbol for what was cool. Other than personal pagers, first available in 1974, Palm introduced the Pilot in 1996 – the first PDA. As smartphone technologies grew better in the middle to late 2000s, Smartphones became more popular and overtook the PDA market. However, according to the Consumer Electronics Association, Americans still bought more than 350,000 PDAs in 2012.

Vintage Technology #2: Typewriters

While the vast majority of companies or individuals no longer use typewriters, there are still people who buy them. The reason people of the digital age choose typewriters over word processors relates primarily to greater levels of security. There’s also no need for data recovery services, since it’s all there. Old typewriters cannot be hacked, and they cannot be infected with malware. While the original typewriter stays close to the heart of many writers, the same cannot be said about its replacement, which was first stand-alone electronic word processors. Still, technology advancements outpaced its usefulness.

Vintage Technology #3: Local Storage

In the past, you stored your files and data on-site. That sounds great until you realize the problems associated with this storage system. If a natural disaster hits your storage site, you can lose everything in one fell swoop. You have no backup system. One of the better alternatives of today is the digital cloud, which is where a provider stores your files on their server. The big advantage of this is that data recovery is made easier. Your files and data are backed up multiple times because there is no centralized server. In addition, as long as you have an Internet connection, you can access your files and data from anywhere in the world.

Vintage Technology #4: Non-Smartphones

Why in the world would someone choose a basic cell phone over a smartphone? One of the biggest reasons that these basic phones continue to be used is because there are older people who don’t want to take the time to understand how to make use of all the modern features. This is more important than you might originally imagine. For example, what will they do in the event of an emergency if they cannot figure out how to work the technology? The one problem with vintage technology is that its hardware will occasionally fail due, just like anything else. As a result, data loss can become a serious problem and there’s no quick solution. Also, sometimes security flaws exist because the developers of the technology have moved on to bigger and better things and no longer support the technology. In general, current and future technology devices have less risk of losing data because there are better technology features to protect you from data loss. While we all might think these devices and technology are obsolete, think about this; we just found out that the country’s nuclear grid and Strategic Automated Command partly still runs off of floppy disks. Secure Data Recovery Services knows old technology – but specializes in optimizing and maintaining today’s popular PCs, devices and computer networks. Contact us with any questions you have and keep our phone number – use a dial phone if you need to – in case of emergency, 1-800-388-1266.
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