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How to Fix “Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device” for Windows

If your computer is showing a black screen with the error “Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device” when starting your device, it means that your computer is unable to locate the boot device that the operating system (OS), Windows, is

Cashless Trends and Cryptocurrency Statistics

Cash has long been out of favor as credit cards have become more accessible and popular. Then the pandemic ushered in the importance of contactless transactions, making cash a thing of the past in many places. Electronic transactions are safe,

Boot Device not Found - image of hand using laptop with blank white screen on vintage wooden table in cafe

Boot Device Not Found – Secure Data Recovery Services

If you’ve turned on your laptop and received a Boot Device Not Found message, then you know just how frustrating data loss can be. Whatever the cause of the message, the effect is that your computer has placed an impenetrable

MacBook Recovery Mode

MacBook Recovery Mode

MacBook Recovery Mode is a troubleshooting option for those encountering issues with macOS on their laptop. Renowned for its reliability and simplicity, macOS is Apple’s low-stress answer to Windows and serves as the default operating system for the MacBook. While

Hard Drive Clicking

Hard Drive Clicking – Secure Data Recovery Services

Hard Drive Clicking Guide Hard drive clicking is among the most ominous noises in computing. As a data storage device, the hard drive records and retrieves digital information. When working as intended, modern disk drives are near silent. However, a

Beeping Hard Drive Causes and Solutions

Hard Drive Beeping – Secure Data Recovery Services

How Hard Drive Beeping Can Warn Users of Data Loss A hard drive beeping is a source of concern and frustration, given their usual silent performance. A short, high-pitched tone, or beep, signals a set of possible errors within the

Modern HDD Drive Technology and Its Impact on PCB Board Swaps

Modern HDD Drive Technology and Its Impact on PCB Board Swaps

Modern PCB architecture for HDD storage devices has changed. A fried or damaged PCB could in past years be swapped with a replacement from a donor board. New advances in drive technology have made PCB swaps much more complicated and

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