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Bio-Pharma Firm Loses Critical Backup Files

Catastrophic data loss can often happen because of circumstances that are out of our control. Power surges, mechanical failures, even natural disasters can all cause severe data loss. But on some occasions, our own actions can lead to devastating consequences.

RAID 5 Crash Disrupts Real Estate Operations

Miriam Velasco is Vice President of VLP Holdings, a property management company based in Miami, Florida. Recently the RAID 5 server used to store critical business files, including accounting database files, went offline. She initially thought it might be a

QNAP NAS Failure Endangers Critical Video Files

Home servers offer the convenience of massive storage capacities at a reasonable price point. They can support a home-based business or a personal storage hub for photos, video files, or other personal documents. As with any type of digital storage

SoftRAID Files Restored from Fire-Damaged NAS

When Bobby Hurman contacted Secure Data Recovery Services, he was sure that his server and the business data he stored there was beyond recovery. A fire had burned Mr. Hurman’s house to the ground, taking with it most of his

Image Archive Lost When WD Ultrastar HDD Fails

Creative professionals such as graphic designers, photographers, and videographers generate massive amounts of content that need to be stored safely over long periods of time. These assets often get saved on portable storage devices or an NAS hard drive. Archiving

MicroSD Card Needs Chip-Off Data Recovery

A Secure Data Recovery Services customer from Calgary in Alberta, Canada, recently had trouble accessing data stored on a Lexar Professional 1000x 32 GB microSD flash memory card. The card was formatted for use with macOS and stored mostly personal

MacBook Pro Internal SSD Fails after Water Spill

Jon Lidaka works at a mid-sized tech company and often brings files home with him on his MacBook Pro laptop. The internal SSD drive not only stores important work information but a large collection of his personal documents, images, videos,

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