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xbox playstation SSD consoles

Next Generation Video Game Consoles Use SSD Memory

Video game console development has grown exponentially since the humble beginnings of Pong and PacMan. What used to be basic 8-bit graphics, digitized music, and pixelated characters have morphed into 8k, multimedia platforms that function as a computer. Of course,

father's day gift guide

7 Gifts That Will Wow the Technology-Centric Dad

Father’s Day is less than a week away and not every Dad out there wants a lawn mower and new golf clubs. The world of technology is evolving at lightning speeds and the techie Fathers want to keep up with

verizon sprint launch 5g networks

Sprint and Verizon Launch Their 5G Networks, But Which One Is Better?

Sprint and Verizon Launch 5G Networks The race to offer 5G networks started off with controversy when AT&T made the false statement that their entire network was 5G ready. The other cell phone service providers did not take these comments

apple sign in security features

Apple Focuses On Privacy At New WWDC Conference For iOS 13

Apple’s WWDC Aims For Privacy at Its Core It’s now two days after Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) where they announced some impressive new products like a new Mac Pro and a $999 monitor stand. While the new products provided

selfie camera under display photos

Revolutionizing Selfies with Under-Screen Cameras

The days of having an impeded front screen on your phone are numbered. Both Oppo and Xiaomi, Chinese consumer electronics companies, have designed a phone with a front-facing camera hidden below the pixels. Pixels, Pixels Everywhere but Not a Camera

Sony internet of things chips

Sony Creates Long-Range Internet of Things Chip

The idea of smart cities is becoming a part of the not so distant future with the creation of chips that connect with all internet of things (IoT) devices. To jumpstart this movement, Sony Corporation, a multinational conglomerate electronic company,

consumers rent technology

How A Service Based Economy Leads To Us Renting Technology

How A Service-Based Economy Shapes What We Own And What We Do Call an Uber, book a room on Airbnb, download and use an app. Slowly, but surely, we’ve become renters of our own digital devices, music, movies, and many

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