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How to Identify the Type of Hard Drive on a Laptop

How to Identify the Type of Hard Drive on a Laptop

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we treat hundreds of damaged laptop hard drives every year. Many of our customers have trouble finding basic information about their hard drives, which can cause some confusion when data loss occurs. This guide provides some basic tips for finding laptop hard drive information on various types of computers.

How to Identify the Type of Hard Drive on a Laptop

Most modern laptops use SATA hard drives, but some older units use IDE, SCSI and other interfaces.

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Finding Your Laptop Hard Drive Information with Your Computer

The fastest way to get general information about your laptop hard drive is to do a search for your laptop's model number online. You can easily find technical specifications for your computer with a quick search, but some vendors use several different hard drive suppliers. As a result, you may have trouble finding detailed information.

To find detailed hard drive information in Windows, take the following steps:

  • Click "Start" and navigate to the control panel. If you use Windows 7, you can find the control panel by clicking the "Settings" icon.
  • Select "Systems and Maintenance."
  • Click the "Device Manager," then "Disk Drives." You can get detailed information about your hard drive on this screen, including your serial number.

The process is slightly different for Apple laptops. On a Mac OS X computer, take the following steps to find hard drive information:

  • Click on the Apple icon on the top left side of the screen.
  • Click "About This Mac."
  • Click "More Info." Navigate to the hardware section.
  • Click "Serial-ATA" for hard drive information. Alternately, you can click "USB" to check the size, model number and serial number of a USB external drive.

If your Mac laptop will not allow you to view this screen due to a hard drive error or other issue, you can enter your computer's serial number here and click "Technical Specifications" for detailed hard drive information.

Getting Model and Serial Information Directly From a Hard Drive

You can also identify your laptop's hard drive by removing the drive from your system. This is usually a fairly simple task. However, you should always exercise extreme care when handling digital storage media. If you are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with the process, do not attempt to remove your laptop's hard drive.

The model number of your drive is usually in large numbers on the face of the drive. Laptop drives will often display their serial numbers after the letters S/N, but this is not always standard; you may need to check with the drive's manufacturer to distinguish between the numbers on the face of the drive. Alternately, you can contact our customer service department for assistance.

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