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How to Recover Lost Video Files


It can happen in a flash. Most of us have had that sinking feeling as we frantically search for a file that we absolutely know was there the last time we looked. Video files are particularly heart wrenching to lose. Whether it be the personal moments of your child’s first steps or a pitch video that was costly to produce on an already limited marketing video. The loss of video files doesn’t have to be a permanent one. There are several options for recovery and beyond complete physical destruction of your storage device, it’s usually possible to recover your files. Here’s where to start:

  • First, don’t overlook the obvious. Execute a thorough search to make sure your video file is truly lost. Check the Recycling Bin. Conduct a search by using the Date Modified This option is typically a dropdown menu on the left. Check for recently changed, modified, or renamed files. If you see your file, save it on multiple devices.
  • There are several utilities available to undelete files. If you’ve lost all or most files, it’s possible that you’ve erroneously reformatted your hard drive. A more advanced file search program might reveal your video files are still intact. Use caution when selecting these utilities as they can sometimes be costly but ineffective.
  • If you fear your hard drive is on the brink of disaster, back up videos and other files immediately. Copy video files to a device that can be removed from the main device right away. Limit the loss by backing up files prior to trying to recover files that may have been lost.

Videos are valuable files that can often not be recreated. Their sentimental value is often priceless. Regular, consistent backup of all files, including multimedia video files, is ideal but not always the reality. If you’ve lost video files, we’re here to help recover your loss-quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

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