The Importance of Data Destruction and Deletion

The Importance of Data Destruction and Deletion

Data destruction is the process of destroying data stored on tapes, hard disks, flash drives, and all other storage devices. The purpose is to delete the data and make it completely unreadable so that no one else can access your personal information. People may simply delete the data on their device by emptying the recycle bin. This only marks the data on the drive as “available” so when someone installs new programs or saves files, the information of the new data will take the place of your “deleted” files. The one sure-fire way to make sure your information is permanently deleted is to use a data destruction company.

How the Process Works

Data destruction is done in several ways depending on the type of media and number of devices. While data erasing software exists, it is still not a guarantee that the information cannot be accessed. One study done by Edith Cowan University concluded that after trying several software data erasure programs, less than half of them were successful in complete erasure of the data on the device.

Secure Data Recovery can overwrite data, destroy read/write mechanisms, and permanently damage the magnetic field that holds your data inside the device. Our current process involves drilling holes in the drives of the devices and then taking them apart by removing the magnets and printed circuit boards. We are also looking into purchasing Degausser machines, which produce a fluctuating magnetic field. This field affects any magnetic object, such as a hard disk drive, and neutralizes the magnetic state of the storage media. That means that the data on the device will be erased and rendered unrecoverable.

Maintain Compliance During Destruction Methods

Currently, in the United States, there are 32 states that have their own data disposal regulations. For any business involved with the European Union, they must also follow the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). In regard to data destruction, technicians must maintain a chain of reports throughout the destruction process. Secure Data Recovery can document our deletion procedures and we hold several relevant compliance credentials.

Some of these compliance credentials include SSAE 18 Type II security certification, ensuring your data is secure throughout the process. We are also PCI-DSS compliant and have PCI Security Certification, this means that your payment information is also kept private and secure. In our labs, we limit access to the media that is to be destroyed from the time it comes into the lab until it is successfully destroyed. We can prove our security through audit and attestation reports that are posted on our website.

Importance of Destruction/Consequences

The most important reason for data destruction is to keep your files and folders that were stored on your device from falling into the wrong hands. Even if you think that your erasure software had been successful, simply throwing out your electronic device is a gamble. It is relatively simple for someone to remove a hard drive and plug it into a new system. Many times data recovery software can bring back the files you thought were “deleted.” Anyone with the right expertise and determination could figure out a way to recover data from a drive that was improperly destroyed.

Not only does throwing out your device put you at risk for having your personal data stolen, it also harms the environment. Secure Data Recovery will recycle parts of destroyed hard drives and is Green Business Certified.

We Can Provide Your Destruction Service

If you are looking to have your old hard drive or other data device destroyed, Secure Data Recovery provides a safe and efficient way to ensure your information is kept out of the hands of those trolling for data. Our engineers have experience destroying hundreds of devices each year and develop their own secure destruction technologies.

Our team also tests each deleted device to assure you that your device is completely unusable. If you are looking for a file deletion service to reuse or sell your device to another person, we offer this service as well. Call 1-800-388-1266 for more information on our media disposal and destruction service.

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