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Why Do Businesses Need a Data Recovery Provider?

Businesses in any industry need an efficient and professional way to recover their data during a data loss disaster.


Analytics from Datapo state that the number of companies in the world is approaching the 200 millions. While some of the largest companies in the world by market value are Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook, a company in any industry stores information on business operations, employees, and clients. The following are facts that one would assume are common knowledge: 

  • Businesses store a mass amount of data.
  • These entities use physical storage devices for their information.
  • Due to the physical nature of a storage device, there is a risk of data loss.

While this is undeniable information that corporations should take into account, B2B firm, Clutch, stated that 58% of businesses are not prepared for data loss. Businesses of all sizes need a trusted data recovery solution to not only retrieve their critical files but to protect their daily operations and reputation.

Common Data Loss Scenarios for Businesses

The Clutch report also stated that 29% of hard drive failures are caused accidentally. This is one of many possible failure scenarios in a business setting. Humans are flawed by nature and they will make mistakes regarding proper IT practices. This sometimes stems from a lack of training on security systems and company protocols. 

The cybersecurity industry itself is hurting for more employees, resulting in more work for the existing employees and not enough time to train new hires in security measures. Even when employees are trained correctly, a click on a corruptive email or an accidental folder deletion is inevitable.

Other data loss situations are completely out of a corporation’s hands. ITPro cited a survey where 47% of respondents said hardware outages are the leading cause of data loss. Power outages or environmental damage can occur without warning, especially in geographic areas that are prone to hurricanes, earthquakes, and the like. This proves that as long as Mother Nature exists, data recovery is a necessary tool for businesses.

Viruses are another cause of data loss and can work their way into enterprise systems through a variety of mediums. Outdated systems that aren’t given regular security updates are at higher risk than most modern networks and storage devices.

Benefits of a Professional Recovery Service

A professional data recovery company understands a customer’s need for an efficient and successful recovery. An established provider, like Secure Data Recovery, has engineers with decades of experience working on all types of media and operating systems. As a company, we have an overall success rate of 96%.

Using a software recovery program is not a foolproof method as the actual running of the program can overwrite any files and may not recover everything you need. Our customer service representatives will ask you in advance what the most critical files and folders are that you need back to ensure we recover as much vital information as we can.

Having a professional service means you will have constant support and professionalism. Our phone lines are open 24/7 and we offer emergency services with an average turnaround of 48 hours. No matter where your business is located, Secure Data Recovery can assist you with services including:

  • Remote Data Recovery
  • On-Site Recovery
  • File and Email Recovery
  • Database Recovery

A professional data recovery company will also provide the utmost security as those in the industry must follow industry-wide security protocols. We are SSAE 18 Type II Certified, and are a GSA Approved Contractor to work with government entities. As a transparent company, we post all of our certifications and attestation reports on our website. These certifications and other privacy standards make us a trusted resource for businesses.

Protecting Your Business’ Reputation

The best way to protect your business in the event of data loss is to have a backup strategy that is regularly tested and maintained. Data recovery efforts that consume staff time is 25.9% according to data company StorageCraft and about 7% of organizations suffer a permanent loss. With a backup in place, there is a greater chance of saving your company from experiencing both productivity and revenue losses.

While backups are an important measure to take for your business, media can fail at any time. Use a trusted data recovery provider to put your mind at ease while we perform efficient recovery for your corporation. Call 1-800-388-1266 to start a risk-free case and speak with our customer service representatives.

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