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Best Technology Developments of Last Year

Connected cars are a major technology development of the year.


Every day beings something else in the world of latest tech news. Technological improvements have continued at a rapid pace in the last decade. As we wonder what will become the most interesting technology development of 2016, it’s a good time to look back at the last year of innovation. 2015 continued the push for connected devices in the home that work together. The interconnectivity that would otherwise separate devices has created a technological ecosystem, and has improved the practicality of what we had before.

As data recovery services continue to develop, we can expect to see greater popularity with the cloud because it creates multiple redundancies that help back up your system. As long as you have an Internet connection, data recovery is possible via the cloud.

Introducing the Smart Home

Thanks to pushes from both Samsung and LG, new technology you can control and access many of the features in your home via your smartphone. Now, people can monitor utilities, aid in productivity and deliver entertainment at the press of a button – or the swipe on a screen. Of course, the smart home will also need smarter gadgets and applications that can respond to the latest technology developments. For example, people now interact with coffee makers, fridges and other appliances to get them to run and operate exactly how and when people want them to.

Super Drones

If 2014 was the year of the selfie, then you could probably call 2015 the year of the drone. These unmanned aerial vehicles could soon be a fixture in our day-to-day lives. While they might seem like a lot of hype, it may soon become commonplace to see people flying drones around your local park. The discussion of using these revolutionary robots for more practical choices has only begun, and Amazon has already started to use them for delivery services – so far on a limited basis. They fly in at under 400 feet, and they can deliver packages in under 30 minutes that weigh up to five pounds.

Promising Developments in 3D Printing

3D printing has shown a lot of promise. One of the industries that now makes use of 3D printing is the medical field. We will also see it as more common in the automotive industry. Imagine your home printer printing the parts for a building. That is what 3D printing could soon offer, and as far back as 2014, they had already created the world's first 3D car – called the Strati. 3D printing hardware and equipment costs will continue to fall, which leads to increased access. While 3D printing may not prove a realistic purchase for most in 2016, it’s an exciting development that could grow more widespread as the federal and state legislatures iron out the regulations surrounding it.

Connected Cars

With Apple's Carplay system, we could soon see phone apps and services that we love brought to our dashboards. That’s only the beginning. Aside from what drivers stand to gain with apps brought to vehicles, our cars will also grow smarter. That means we can soon look for vehicles with a built-in mobile hotspot or a smartphone-connected security system.


Here’s one many people still haven’t heard of – but ultrahaptics is a big deal. What makes ultrahaptics such an exciting development is how it lets you feel sensations and objects several inches above your keyboard. You can manipulate them, and it gives the feeling you’re touching bubbles. At least for now, the main area where this could be used is particularly in the gaming industry. It could add a level of tactile realism to games that we’ve never seen before. While it remains in development, this could be the future of gaming.

Virtual Clothing

In the past, we needed to try on clothing in front of a mirror to get an idea of how we would look in it. The latest technology from Toshiba uses 3D contour sensing, and makes use of fitting technology. Standing in front of a 55-inch screen, you’ll see an image that cannot be distinguished from a mirror. You’ll still be in your home or at special fitting places where you can try on many company’s clothes in one place. Using a simple hand gesture, you can change outfits. Judging from the reaction of people who have used it, this technology does a great job at visualizing how clothes will look on a person. Toshimasa Dobashi, one of the chief specialists at Toshiba, said that the hope hinges on how this technology will be brought into the virtual environment.


Ever worried about getting carpal tunnel with how much you use your computer? Motix, the latest technological gadget, lets you continue typing away without the need for moving your index finger. It sits at the back portion of your keyboard, and captures your hand and finger movement. While it might take some practice, after you have mastered the use of it, you can type as much as needed without taking your hands off the keyboard. Give your mouse to the cat to play with! Technology Launch introduced this product at CES 2015, and the aim is to take on the challenge of how people need a simpler and more efficient mouse. With Motix, you eliminate the unnecessary need to take your hand off the keyboard. In particular, this technology proves useful to people with stay-at-home jobs who want to speed up their work. Hopefully you’ll be able to get your hands on many or all of these technologies just to get an idea of the future. Because the future has a lot to bring. See you next year for a reflection on the latest technology developments of 2016.
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