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Student's Guide to Internet Security & Safety

Student's Guide to Internet Security & Safety

The Internet has revolutionized the way human beings interact with the world. At the click of a mouse, anybody can access a worldwide library of information, entertainment, and social media! The Internet makes it easy for people to express themselves and network with like-minded individuals. While the Internet offers a fascinating way to connect to the world around us, it also presents new dangers.

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In order to prevent potentially serious security issues, students should know how to protect sensitive information when working online.

Children and teens need to know about the reality of these dangers to avoid becoming a target. In fact, a large percentage of Internet predators target children. Identity theft, cyberbullying, cyberstalking, hacking, and predators are all things that children and teens need to worry about. As a result, many parents, teachers, and government agencies have made efforts to educate children about the dangers of the Internet. While this may help, children need to learn how to recognize the warning signs of these dangers to prevent themselves from getting victimized. It also helps to learn coping strategies to overcome the effects of victimization once it does happen.

By taking a proactive approach, parents and educators can help children avoid some of the common dangers associated with Internet misuse. These security tips and online safety guides are an excellent resource for students of all ages.