What is an External Hard Drive?

The internal computer hard drive is a common and recognizable component. But did you know that you can get a hard drive in a small, external enclosure that does the same job as an internal hard drive? An external hard drive is a portable computer storage device that helps people to protect their data and store important documents in a portable form.

What is an External Hard Drive?

An external hard drive is the portable storage and transport option for files.

What Is An External Hard Drive Made Of?

An external hard drive consists of a durable case that has USB connections that allow it to transfer data back and forth with a computer. Inside the case is the same kind of hard drive that you would find inside a regular computer. The external hard drive case has the mechanisms necessary to facilitate reading and writing data to the drive, but that is all the case can do. All of the commands involved with formatting and operating the hard drive would be done through a connected computer.

The external hard drive case will also have indicator lights that let the user know that the power on the enclosure is working properly, when the drive is sending or receiving data, and if there are any physical errors with the drive. Hard drive cases should only be opened by a trained professional who knows how to care for the drive properly. We have the experience and tools necessary to open and repair these sensitive devices, and we can help you if your external hard drive malfunctions.

Why Do I Need An External Hard Drive?

The Internet is filled with viruses that can cripple a computer’s internal hard drive. You can screen all of your downloaded data with the primary hard drive on the computer, then pass the critical data to the external hard drive. If there is a virus, it would affect the primary hard drive first and give you a chance to disconnect the external hard drive before any damage can be done. Using an external hard drive makes working online safer by adding a layer of protection between your data and viruses.

External hard drives can hold as much data as internal hard drives. USB flash drives and other external storage devices have limits that fall well below what an internal hard drive can hold. With an external hard drive, you can have just as much external storage space as you do internal space. This would allow you to clone your internal drive as a backup if necessary.

Is An External Hard Drive Safe?

As with any other computer peripheral, external hard drives do have their limitations. What is an external hard drive most threatened by? It is most threatened by the damage caused from dropping it or by exposing it to elements such as rain and snow.

If you think that your external hard drive may be compromised, then we recommend that you get a free quote from one of our certified technicians for recovering your data. The critical data on your drive platters could still be intact, and we know how to extract your important data from your damaged external hard drive.

How Should I Transport My External Hard Drive?

We strongly recommend getting a case for your external hard drive to protect it when you are transporting it. If you are bringing your external hard drive onto an airplane, then have security check the drive by hand and avoid the X-ray machine. If you take the proper precautions when transporting your external hard drive, then you will benefit from its convenience and reliability.