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Five Important Features to Consider When Purchasing a New Gaming Laptop

Five Important Features to Consider When Purchasing a New Gaming Laptop

One of the most exciting aspects of the new PC gaming market is the removal of the imaginary desktop tether. Gone are the days when a PC gaming enthusiast was require to stay home near a large, stationary box or was forced to carry a 25 pound computer to a friend’s home.

Now, true gaming laptops are available and easily accessible for no more cost than an Apple system. Here are five important features our computer repair engineers have come up with to consider before breaking your own tether and escaping to a gaming laptop.

1. Graphics Processor

The single most important feature on any gaming laptop is the GPU or graphics processor. You could purchase the very best of the next four features and still not be able to play a modern game if a poor choice is made with your gaming laptop’s GPU. A smart purchaser will research the best available GPUs from AMD and Nvidia with GPU processing speed and included memory being the most import aspects.

2. Computer Processing Unit

The next most important feature of a great gaming laptop is the CPU or computer processor. The CPU works hand-in-hand with the GPU to render the newest games on your gaming laptop screen. The best GPUs available will only perform at the highest quality when supported by an equally advanced CPU. In this category, Intel and AMD are the top choices and CPU specific qualities to look for are higher processor speeds (2 GHz+) and competitive cache.

3. PHysical Memory

Now that your gaming laptop has a solid GPU and a fast CPU that allow for even the most advanced games to render, you need to consider supporting the CPU with the memory to continue processing graphics at a high rate. Most new high-end games these days require at least 4 Gigabytes of RAM just to meet the minimum requirements. Consult the recommended RAM for the games that will play on your gaming laptop and meet or exceed their suggestions.

4. Data Storage

The last feature that specifically deals with the rendering and performance of high-end games for your gaming laptop is the drive system. The drive included in your gaming laptop must be able to access data quickly and send it to the correct processor or the experience of the game will degrade. Currently, there are three types of data storage devices to be considered: HDD or Hard Disk Drive, SSD or Solid State Drive, and the Hybrid SSD (which combines aspects of the HDD and the SSD). Any of these drives will work in a gaming laptop as long as the data access speeds are high. With gaming laptops under high strain, consider purchasing data storeage from a respected brand to avoid hard drive crashes and data loss.

5. The Screen

The last important feature of a great gaming laptop is the screen. A gaming laptop can have the best of the previous features and the ability to play the most advanced games available, but if the screen is small and the resolution is lacking the experience will be lacking. A great gaming laptop should have a 15-inch screen at the minimum with a resolution of at least 1368 x 768. For best performance, consider a 17-inch screen with a higher resolution (1920×1080 for HD Video).

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