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What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?

What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?


In a constantly evolving field, like big data, it’s not uncommon for the meanings of words and terms to change. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a new term created for and by the IT field to emphasize the need to maintain control of confidential information that should remain internally within a company or organization. While it’s also advised to develop a plan and strategy to address data loss, DLP is specifically intended to prevent data leaks or breaches instead of more general causes of data loss.

Detection and Analysis

Critical company data can be lost in several ways. Ranging from the physical loss of a thumb drive to the virtual hacking that results from a ransomware attack, there are many threats to internal data. In these cases, data may or may not be fully recoverable. Data leakage sometimes occurs without data loss. If data cascades to another system with less data protection, it could be at risk for compromise. DLP leverages the detection and identification of important records and data that should be classified. Sensitive data might include Human Resources data, CRM, and other critical applications. After identification, analyze how sensitive data flows in and out of your organization. A data flow map can record how data flows upstream and downstream. Particularly high areas and times of risk can be noted for further monitoring.

Preventing Data Leaks

Once sensitive data has been identified and its path analyzed, one or multiple strategies for leak prevention can be utilized. Data can be encrypted. Access to data can be further scrutinized and limited. Tokenization, system alerts, and strict quarantine protocols are a few ways to defend against data leaks. While sometimes an annoyance for employees, permission levels can protect the company as a whole. If an employee tries to save sensitive, company data through an unprotected cloud service, like Dropbox, the employee will receive a notification denying their request. A multi-level, dynamic combination of prevention strategies is advised.

Recovering from Data Loss

Still confused about how DLP differs from a plan to keep data safe and intact? While it's helpful to keep up with IT trends, it may not be imperative to differentiate between DLP and other efforts to secure data. DLP focuses on an insider threat to data loss. A more general understanding or approach to data loss prevention is also useful but not as specific as the new meaning of DLP. Our Secure Data Recovery team specializes in data recovery from virtually any cause of loss. We see countless cases of data loss that could have been prevented. While we assist clients to get back valuable personal and business data, we’ll continue to provide informative updates on ways to prevent data loss before it strikes.

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